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LMIR: Selling pressure.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

LMIR touched a low of 47.5c before closing at 48.5c, the immediate support identified previously.  That this support was breached on high volume is somewhat ominous for the counter. Remember that this support is also where we find the 200dMA.  Closing below this level would indicate a likely change in the longer term trend of the counter.

MFI has formed a lower high, suggesting decreased demand.  OBV shows a clear trend of distribution since accumulation peaked on 27 July.  MACD seems set to do a bearish crossover with the signal line as a red histogram appeared. Could we see more selling down? The possibility exists.

It would seem that I am not the only person disappointed with LMIR's latest set of numbers.

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Anonymous said...

Dear AK
I sold at 49.5cents on Thursday
Then bought aims 22.5
trying to sell aims at 23.5 cents Monday
cheers chan

AK71 said...

Hi Chan,

Wow, you are pretty decisive. :)

AIMS' long term resistance is at 23c with the current range from 20c to 23c. This is a tough nut to crack. If it breaks, the next bracket should be 23c to 26c, technically speaking. ;)

I am holding on to my remaining investment in LMIR since the yield is still pretty decent and the REIT is in no danger of going belly up. The management is unimpressive which is why I am refraining from adding to my position. Not an issue of crisis proportions. :)

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