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Saizen REIT: An update.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Saizen REIT has seemingly gone into hibernation.  For more than a month, its price has fluctuated between 16c and 16.5c. The daily MAs have all flatlined. Some may wonder if I am still interested in this REIT.  Well, I am still very much interested in this REIT.  It remains one of my top three investments in the stock market.  Regular readers of my blog would know that I believe it to be a very good investment with more than a fair bit of potential to deliver an attractive yield and possibly an even more attractive capital appreciation.

Today, the technicals are rather interesting.  Of course, with volume so thin, it could just be a mirage but let us do this just for fun, if nothing else. The MACD histogram shows a buy signal on a day that saw the formation of a dragonfly doji. The MFI, which has been impeded at 50% for some time, has finally risen above this resistance since falling below in late May. This suggests a strengthening demand, however slowly it took to develop. OBV is flat.  No obvious distribution or accumulation. In a rangebound situation, the stochastics could be telling and, now, we see it rising from the oversold region. 

There is only one word for investors of Saizen REIT: patience.  Those lacking in this virtue should not be vested in this REIT.  For the record, I have been vested since October last year.  I have done my FA and I believe this to be a gem.  I will continue waiting.  Patience, I believe, will be rewarded.

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Anonymous said...

hi ak,
for me, im vested since apr last yr. sometimes, i do not feel good because of all the opportunity costs. however, i have faith that our patience will be paying off. soon.
good luck my friend.

cheers dp

AK71 said...

Hi dp,

Yes, you are right about the opportunity cost involved. You have been vested for 5 more months than I have. Stiff upper lip, my friend. :)

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