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>1000 unique visitors in a day!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Not too long ago, I was impressed when a local investment blog proclaimed it was visited by 1000 unique visitors on that day. That was really something! After all, local investment blogs are usually not known for generating high traffic. We are in a very small niche and, to make it tougher, it is a very small niche in a very small country. ;)

Anyway, yesterday, on 13 October 2010, Wednesday, A Singaporean Stockmarket Investor (ASSI) was visited by 1069  unique visitors.  This is another milestone for my blog and I sincerely thank one and all who helped to make this a reality! I hope you enjoy reading my blog as much as I enjoy blogging. :)

14 Oct 2010 (Thursday)


Anonymous said...

It should be us, thanking you for your time & efforts in blogging and having plenty of interesting reads.

Look forward to plenty more good & useful articles, thoughts, insights & discussions.

Huat ah....


Musicwhiz said...

Thanks for the info AK71!

I take this information as a barometer for market sentiment out there.... :)

Congrats! Mine is still stagnant at 300 a day LOL!


Hubert wee said...

Nice job, but I would say it is expected as the market continues to draw more and more public interest with the recent rise.

AK71 said...

Hi SnOOpy88,

Thank you for the encouragement. Generally, I respond well to positive reinforcement. ;)

Now, I fear the day when I might get writer's block. Haha..

Meantime, huat ah! :)

AK71 said...

Hi MW,

This is a rare comment from a pioneer of the local investment blogging community. I am very pleased. Thank you very much for this. :)

Yes, I believe that the bullish sentiments in the stock market recently probably contributed to improved traffic for local investment blogs. Mine is probably not the only one. ;)

When all the buzz is gone, I would know the size of my blog's core readership base. Haha...

AK71 said...

Hi Hubert,

Ever analytical and I think you are probably right in your analysis too. ;)

Thanks for being a regular visitor and the comments. :)

financialrays said...

I think most are attracted to your post that mentioned 50k in passive income. That's really impressive .

AK71 said...

Hi financialrays,

That post climbed rapidly in ranking. You are probably right. I think many are really interested in building a stream of passive income from the stock market.

However, the blog post that is top in the last 7 days as well as all time ranking is still "High Yield Portfolio", something I wrote on the birthday of my blog last Christmas Eve. People are even more interested in the recipe. ;)

Thanks for visiting and the comment. :)

Hubert wee said...

Hi ak, actually the number of uniques may be less than 1000.

Statcounter's default setting for tracking IP addresses is 2 hours. Beyond that, the same IP address is counted as a new visitor. So u might want to check your statcounter settings- it could be that some pple are just visiting your blog very often throughout the day..

AK71 said...

Hi Hubert,

As per your suggestion, I checked. :)

Here are the definitions (whatever they mean):

Returning Visitors - Based purely on a cookie, if this person is returning to your website for another visit an hour or more later

First Time Visitors - Based purely on a cookie, if this person has no cookie then this is considered their first time at your website.

Unique Visitor - Based purely on a cookie, this is the total of the returning visitors and first time visitors - all your visitors.

Page Load - The number of times your page has been visited.

Dou said...


Sorry i came in so late to congrats u

It really not easy huh? Local blogger are growing i supposed :P

AK71 said...

Hi Dou,

Thanks! :)

I just blog about my ideas and investments. Sometimes, I talk about non-investment related stuff just to have some variety.

I enjoy sharing my thoughts. It helps that I enjoy writing. So, it's not that difficult blogging. I am happy people enjoy my blog. :)

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