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FCOT: Testing supports.

Friday, October 29, 2010

On 22 Oct, when I blogged about FCOT turning around, I suggested that 17c is a formidable resistance and we know that buying at resistance is not a good idea. We want to buy at supports and, strictly speaking, these supports should be confirmed.

"FCOT has probably turned the corner and the numbers speak for themselves. However, would I buy at the current price level? The encouraging numbers could give FCOT's unit price a lift upwards but it is obvious to any chartist that 17c is the immediate resistance. 17c is the top of a base formation and a thrice tested resistance level in mid-January this year....

"From the looks of it, volume seems to be reducing since hitting a high on 24 Sep. In subsequent up days, volume had been lower. So, it could turn out to be a case of "sell on news". Immediate support is at 16c but I see a stronger support to be provided by the 50dMA which coincides with an uptrend line.  That might be a better entry price.  I do not like to chase."

Closing today above the 20dMA at 16c shows that the shorter term uptrend is still intact although price did touch an intra day low of 15.5c.

What are the chances of price declining further? No one can say for sure but it is obvious that upside momentum is somewhat limited with the RSI forming a lower high and the MACD poised to form a bearish crossover with the signal line.

Although the MFI has formed higher lows, which suggest sustained demand, we could see it retreating to retest its uptrend line or 50%.  So, I won't be surprised to see price declining a tad more and/or volume declining further.

With the fundamentals having improved, buying in at 15.5c or 15c seems like a good idea for a possible annualised DPU of 1.24c, assuming that the last quarterly DPU of 0.31c is sustainable.  This would translate to a yield of 8% at the entry price of 15.5c.  Pretty decent.

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Anonymous said...

I don't like FCOT, actually its in my watchlist but too many dilutive elements and the yield doesn't seems sustainable. its diluted eps is only .79cts

even just my 2 cts' worth is better(my pun).


AK71 said...

Hi KY,

FCOT did a 3 for 1 rights issue, I remember. Then, the more recent CPPU 5.5% at $1. All dilutive.

Although I am somewhat wary of FCOT because of past experience, I try to look at it in light of its strengthening numbers.

A smallish long position at 15c or 15.5c might not be a bad idea. ;)

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