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Friday, October 22, 2010

Crude Palm Oil has crossed the RM3,000 mark today. The long term resistance at around RM 2,780 which was taken out days ago is most probably the new support now.  The fortunes of CPO counters should continue to improve.

If not for its problems with the environmentalists, I expect Golden Agriculture to be a big beneficiary to strengthening CPO price.  If it loses more customers like it did in the past, it might not be able to ride on the improving CPO price firmly like the rest.  Technically, Golden Agriculture is correcting from overbought conditions.  It should see support at 61c and that would be a safer entry price.

A friend sent me an email a couple of weeks ago, maybe more, which he received from his broker. His broker recommended a buy on Kencana Agriculture which is much smaller than Golden Agriculture in many ways. Looking at the charts now, I am wary of this counter because it seems to display classic signs of negative divergence between price and volume, price and MACD, price and MFI as well as price and RSI.  The shorter term 20dMA seems to be flattening.  Could this loss of momentum suggest something more ominous?

IndoAgri has clear signs of being overbought.  $2.44 is the top of a double bottom like formation and it is also where the 20dMA is approximating soon. When we look at the Fibo lines, it is also the 138.2% line. It is the support to watch in case of a retreat in price. A fair entry price? It could be but it does not mean that price could not retreat further.  The longer term uptrend support is where the 100dMA is approximating.  This is currently about $2.31.

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