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Investing for income or growth?

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Here is an email from another reader recently:

For pple with substantial capital, they can just buy div stocks and  hold. For those with less, it's not so simple..Cheng must be really  bullish..99% in the market, I'm only 30+% in the market..

I am surprised by LMIR, it hit a high of 53c today. Despite, the so-so management , i guess pple are still attracted by the yield.  This one is for keeps..

My reply:

I do not think that investment strategy is totally a function of how much capital we have, it is also a function of how much we want. If a person with $10,000 wants to double it within a year, of course, investing for income could disappoint.  An active trading strategy is more appropriate.  If this person is happy with 10% yield per annum, then, my current strategy is OK. Question what do we want and employ the appropriate strategy.

With LMIR, I still have a substantial position in the REIT although I did pare it down to increase my position size in AIMS. What's left in LMIR, I would just hold for its quarterly income distribution since I doubt it could go lower than 4c per annum. Fundamentally, this is a safe and stable investment.

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