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K-REIT: Immediate target.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I suggested that K-REIT's price action could be falling into trading bands.  If we look at the chart, it seems quite obvious.  Today, price traded at and above $1.34, the resistance identified on 14 Sep when I said "K-REIT seems to be trading in a 6c trading range recently: $1.16 to $1.22 and $1.22 to $1.28".  I also said "in the event that $1.28 resistance is taken out, one could therefore expect $1.34 to be the next resistance level."

With $1.34 now possibly resistance turned support, the next resistance level should be at $1.40.  This is likely to be a stronger resistance level as it is also a round number.  Fundamentally, at $1.40, K-REIT would be trading at a mere 4.8% discount to NAV and its yield would be pretty low at 3.8%. I would probably do a partial divestment if price does test $1.40.

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