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Cache Logistics Trust: When would I buy more?

Monday, April 4, 2011

Cache Logistics Trust went as high as 96c/unit today before closing at 95c/unit, forming a gravestone doji in the process. Buying more at current levels means a smaller margin of safety, for sure. Volume was also lower as price tried to move higher. A picture of negative divergence is forming: rising price and falling volume.

Connecting the lows of 15 March and 24 March gives us a trendline support. Waiting for price to pull back to this support level before loading more would be sensible. This is currently at 94c which is also where we find the flattening 20dMA. In rather bearish circumstances, we could even see price breaking support, be it a whipsaw or not, to touch 93c. I could buy more then.

Having said all this, if a person is worried about missing the boat and would really like to initiate a long position, 95c could be a hedge. Why? Well, the momentum oscillators are all rising nicely: the MACD lookings like it could be crossing into positive territory soon. Using a Fibo fan, we also see that  95c is exactly where we find the golden ratio 61.8% and if this were to be established as a support, unit price could touch 97c in the near future.

Cache Logistics Trust has strong fundamentals and its technicals have strengthened. However, I am not one to chase after rising prices. If the opportunity presents itself, I would buy on weakness.

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