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Sabana REIT: Safe to buy now?

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Someone who managed to get some units of Sabana REIT at IPO asked me if it is safe to buy more units of the REIT now? Before the counter announced its first income distribution of 3.04c, I blogged about how I felt Sabana REIT was a great investment then.

Of course, there were nay sayers and people who told me I was wrong. There were also many who got in at the REIT's IPO and were burnt, refusing to look at the REIT anymore. There was also a friend who refused to be vested in the REIT simply because it is Shariah compliant. Now, that really boggles the mind but I suppose there is no accounting for such things.

Before I drift off too much in my discourse, back to the original question. Answer: I don't know if it is safe to buy more units of the REIT now. How's that for an answer? People keep asking me for absolutes and assurances. Well, they will keep getting disappointed.

Fundamentally, Sabana REIT is likely to continue doing well. Its numbers are strong and future income distributions over the next few quarters are likely to remain in line with forecast, everything else remaining constant. Even at today's high of 94.5c/unit, the REIT would still be trading at a discount to its NAV/unit of 98c. Distribution yield is 9.32% at 94.5c/unit with an annual DPU of 8.81c.

Technically, it is clear that Sabana REIT has seen its bottom. Price has been rising and seems to have hit resistance at 94.5c. Does it mean that price would go back down from here? No but if it does, the immediate support is at 93.5c (20dMA). This is followed by 92.5c (50dMA) and 92c (many times tested candlestick support). In the last session, it closed at 93.5c.

On the weekly chart, it is interesting to see that the Bollinger Bands are in the early stages of a squeeze. With unit price rising steadily in the past few weeks and staying above the 20wMA, chances that price could go higher in the coming weeks are fairly good. I have an immediate target of 95.5c, followed by 96.5c in case price moves higher.

A reader asked me for my estimate on the fair value for the REIT, seeing how the fair value I ascribed to First REIT some time back has come to pass. For a smallish REIT such as this, I expect an 8% distribution yield to be fair and that would, in turn, suggest a fair value of $1.10/unit for the REIT. Now, before you get too excited, that's only what I feel the fair value is. It is, by no means, the Gospel truth.

If Sabana REIT were to retest supports at 92.5c and 92c, I would probably be buying more. Good luck to all vested.

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financialray said...

I think during this period of high volatility, Sabana is a good buy at this price for the yield that it gives. SHould be well supported as like you mentioned, the price has bottomed out. Too bad I went in at IPO price but I have since averaged down. Let's hope luck favors all the investors in this stock over the next few years.

AK71 said...

Hi financialray,

I believe you did the right thing to average down with the view that the REIT's unit price has bottomed.

I have avoided IPOs for years now, believing that IPOs are good for issuers but not for subscribers. Something I learned from Warren Buffet.

I do not know about the next few years but for the next 1 to 2 years, it would take a very inapt management to foul things up at Sabana REIT.

Yes, let us hope Lady Luck continues to smile on Sabana REIT's unitholders. :)

financialray said...

In my opinion,
1. For industrial property investment, REIT is the way to go for the investor can be nimble. Buying a 60 year old industrial property with cash can be too high a risk unless the investor has a business.
2. For residential property investment, the timing is wrong now. Investors should have got in when MM Lee expressed his confidence with the SIngapore economy over 5-10 years in 2006 during the upcoming IR era.
3. For commmercial property, location plays a important role. RIsk is minimised if you run a business.

t00t said...

Got 1 lot during IPO. Will probably nimble 1 lot next week using SCB to average out.

Would like to exchange link. my blog is

AK71 said...

Hi financialray,

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on real estate investment in Singapore. :)

AK71 said...

Hi t00t,

I will include your blog under the heading of "Resources" in the left sidebar.

Hope you get another lot of Sabana REIT at the price you want. ;)

Anonymous said...

i am a little confused about how a new REIT like Sabana was able to amass a hugh portfolio prior to listing. Perhaps I didn't understand the working earlier.

Just saw this article.

Nay sayer again. But not for me. So as long as the NAV is well covered by the asset, I can sleep better at night.

Wonder if Tiger is a good target for my speculative side of risk taking.... but SQ has just started another low cost unit but run by a company man...hmmm...


AK71 said...

Hi SnOOpy168,

REITs usually have sponsors who are monetising their assets. Sabana REIT has Freightlinks. So, basically, we, unitholders are buying assets from Freightlinks. I am sure this does not do the subject justice but it gives a rough idea. :)

As for Tiger, I don't know the airline industry well. So, I will give it a miss unless, of course, it is for a quick trade. ;)

Thanks for sharing the link.

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