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Not happy with government? Please emigrate!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

I couldn't believe it when I read that the newly appointed Home Minister of Malaysia said that Malaysians who are unhappy with the country's political system should leave the country.

"If these people wish to adopt the list system or the single transferable vote used by countries with the republic form of government, then, they should migrate to these countries to practise their political beliefs," Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi.
Source: The Straits Times online, 16 May 2013.

I don't see how a statement like this is going to help make things better.

The Minister should realise that, like them or not, these unhappy Malaysians are still Malaysians! They have the right to express their desire for change even if the Minister might not agree with them. Simple, isn't it?

How could someone like this be a Minister? He is a Datuk too. Shame on him.

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yeh said...

Hi AK, no need to feel surprised.
Not only this guy said this to Malaysian.
But also many others say the same thing.
We, as Malaysian, just treat them like fan pi!

They not only says those very ugly words to us. But also treat us like beggar.
Malaysian Chinese need to build Chinese primary school also must seek their approval. Then also have very unfair Bumiputra system for Malay

yeh said...

Too many things our garment do to us.
Long story also can't finish.

Now we just wish that we able to change new garment! But too bad, they used dirty tricks to win the election!
Really shame on BN and UMMO!

AK71 said...

Hi yeh,

Well, you are practically Singaporean. ;)

Anyway, I hope that this guy will think carefully before he says anything again. He really said a terrible thing. :(

mighty_matt said...

These are the reasons why the strong opposition towards PAP last election surprised me a bit.

I have been to and lived in plenty of countries and I think Singapore Government deserved so much more appreciation!


usurper said...

and tell thme to emigrate elsewhere except singapore

AK71 said...

Hi matt,

Well, I do feel that Singaporeans are a relatively fortunate lot. Of course, I cannot speak for everyone. :)

AK71 said...

Hi usurper,

Hahahaha... Yes, don't create more pressure and push up the cost of living for us here. ;p

Elaine K said...

No govt is perfect, just as no citizen is.

I am definitely very blessed and grateful to be in Singapore.

Look on the bright side - this guy has effectively dug his own grave and also the grave for his boss. He has just swung more votes...

AK71 said...

Hi Elaine,

It is just like no one in my family is perfect but we are still family. We have our differences but I cannot imagine my parents disowning me. Scary thought.

This Minister, I would say, has become a liability to the BN and UMNO.

Elaine K said...

His boss worked so hard to gain popularity - youtube, watch soccer, gangnam style....

Maybe an easier way is to sack this guy! Yeah!

AK71 said...

Hi Elaine,

I would do the same. Axe him and show Malaysians that he is not the type of people BN and UMNO want in government!

Damage control mode!

Mr ICICI said...

im a malaysian and seriously this is not the worst thing that the malaysian government has said.

it shows the kind of fools we have in the government.

AK71 said...


I cannot imagine what other stuff might have been said that was worse than this. I mean, this Minister was just this close to kicking out fellow Malaysians from the country. :(

Poh Soon said...

Well, this is nothing new. He is definitely not the first to sprout such nonsense and he would not be the last either.

I would bet that Najib will not sack this fella.

AK71 said...

Hi Poh Soon,

A chain is as strong as its weakest link. Najib should think about this seriously...

Howyuan said...

for example, as 父母, if the 儿女 has been so clouded with sweet promises and wealth from drug lords, and the 儿女 has no intention to see things objectively and listen, what will you as a 父母 do?

AK71 said...

Hi Howyuan,

Er... Kick the children out of the house? Publish in the national papers that they have been disowned?

Jay said...

Emigrating from Malaysia? Well, that's what quite a few of them are doing... especially those who are educated, ambitious and enterpreneurial...

Probably that minister's salary is not tied to GDP growth... ;-)

AK71 said...

Hi Jay,

I don't know enough about Malaysian politics to make an informed comment but I do know many Singaporeans are retiring to Malaysia. So, Malaysians are leaving Malaysia but Singaporeans are moving in. That is an interesting development. ;)

Jay said...

Haha, true... well, wasnt the SG government even suggesting it at some point, that Singaporeans should retire in JB or elsewhere in Malaysia??

I'm currently looking for a new job, and one option funnily is a job in KL... ;-)

AK71 said...

Hi Jay,

I don't know if the Singapore government would say something like this. I don't remember if they did.

Anyway, I know a few Malaysian professionals who opted for Singapore and Melbourne because these are apparently very liveable cities. K.L. is considered a semi-hardship post, they said. ;p

Howyuan said...

Lol, so serious?

But the minister isn't even a 父母官, they only care about their own pockets.

AK71 said...

Hi Howyuan,

Unfortunately, money is the most important thing in everything many do these days. :(

For example, doctors should care about their patients as if they were their children (i.e. 醫者父母心). However, can we say that most of them think like this?

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