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Home of Luz Shinsaibashi, a mall owned by Croesus Retail Trust.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

10 March 2017:
I am at Osaka, is this the trust that is listed in Singapore?

I just published a blog post on Dōtonbori in Osaka.

This is, of course, the place where we find Luz Shinsaibashi, a mall owned by Croesus Retail Trust.

If you are interested to see more photos of Dōtonbori, come to my travel blog: here.

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David Wu said...

Hi all, I have a value investing summit 2014 ticket for sale at $149. It's over next weekend over 2 days 18&19Jan2014. Sms me @ 91382595 if you are interested. Thanks


Dear all,

Is it me or ads on AK's blog is an eye sore and certainly not appreciated?

AK71 said...

Hi Solidcore,

David wrote to me and asked for help because he was left with an extra ticket at the eleventh hour. I told him I would not blog about it as per his request but he could leave a comment in my blog and see if he gets a response from readers here. I hope he did.

Usually, I would not approve such comments because all ads in my blog should pay a fee. I had to block comments which were actually ads in disguise many times before. This is an exception for a regular reader. Am I nice or what? ;p

Thank you very much for looking after my blog's interests. I really appreciate it. :)

MenStyle said...

Hi David, you can post in HWZ forum. I got mine at a discount($120) from a fellow forumer there too. Hope this help. :D

AK71 said...

Hi MenStyle,

Thanks for the helpful suggestion. I hope David finds a taker for his ticket soon although he might have to sell it at $120 as a sweetener. Kidding! ;p

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