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Saturday, August 2, 2014

Some might find this email exchange interesting:

Hi AK,

I chanced upon your blog and started to follow - would like to say thank you for being active and selfless sharing your wealth building story.

I came across one blog entry and you mentioned that in 2008~2009, you took the opportunity and invested in an OCBC SG equity fund and you said that you would invest on it if market crash down again. what is the name of the fund? Lionglobal Singapore Trust Fund?

I am in the midst of looking for a fund to invest and would like to study further on your choice back then.

Warm Regards

Hi I,

Wow! You have done your homework well! Yes, that was the fund I used money in my SA to buy. There were not many mutual funds which were approved for investment with CPF-SA money. :)

This is a unit trust which invests in names I am familiar with and since I am not able to use my SA's money to invest directly in these names, I did it through this unit trust instead. ;)

Best wishes,

Hi AK,
I research further on the return of this fund, amazing 70% in 2009, but -22.76% in 2011, and 19.34% in 2012.
Overall return looks good.
Regards, I

Hi I,

With our money in the SA, all the more we should buy only when there is blood on the streets. Very few investments can consistently produce results as good as compounding 4 to 5% per annum without fail and with zero risk. :)

Best wishes,

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Capricon said...

Hmm, but the lionglobal Singapore trust is not CPF approved ?;FSMAPPID=_rCWV13lUH3_JZuOcFhb1uAv8KFicf2EmKYvMNbJk9W33CbQ3myS!-1885824563?sedolnumber=370017

AK71 said...

Hi Capricon,

Yikes! It is no longer approved for CPF-OA or SA.

Thanks to you, I took a look at the funds approved for CPF-SA now at Fundsupermart and the only two funds under the "LionGlobal" brand approved for CPF-SA now are:




RayNg said...

List if CPF-OA and SA approved fund.

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