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How AK saved 32.7% + 9% in Cold Storage supermarket?

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Regular readers know that I have a big weakness for ice cream.

So, it should not be surprising that whenever I visit the supermarkets, I would go to the frozen food section and take a look at the tubs of yummy ice cream.

However, I never pay full price for ice cream in the supermarkets. Even as I give in to my weakness, I insist on having value for money. If it is not value for money, AK does not buy! 

OK, I feel better now. See how weak I am?

So, what is the "lobang" this time? This:

This is an ongoing special offer. This was taken at the branch in Bugis Junction. I don't know if the special offer is available at all the Cold Storage supermarkets in Singapore but if you have a weakness for ice cream like I have, this is a chance to buy "atas" ice cream on the cheap. The special offer ends tomorrow.

How did I pay for my purchase? 

1. $15 discounted CapitaMalls shopping vouchers! So, I save another 9.1% or $1.36.

2. I am a Passion Card member. So, I received some TapForMore points which are equivalent to about 13c for the $19.99 purchase.

3. I paid the balance of $4.99 using the NETS Flashpay function in my OCBC Frank Card. So, I save another 6% or about 30c. I also receive 6 chances to win a condominium in a lucky draw happening end of next year. Well, one could always hope, right?

Extra savings = $1.79. I know how some people would sniff at the savings but in terms of percentage, it is a big deal. Believe me when I say that savings do add up. To people who think what I am doing to save money is nonsense, sorry, but I cannot change. This is me.

I am losing the battle of the bulge to happiness in a tub!


Anion Trading said...

Good savings on even better ice cream!

pf said...

Amazing! I feel happy if I can have some indulgence and spend lesser than retail price. :)

BTW, I see this ice cream often on sale at fair price at petrol station

I wanna buy a nutribullet. It doesn't go on sale. Recently found it being sold at Robinson. I'm planning to save up credit card points to redeem it.

AK71 said...

Hi pf,

I am becoming less tight-fisted as I grow older. I also feel less guilty about about spending money on some luxuries at the same time especially when I can get a good deal on them. ;)

This and Ben & Jerrys' ice cream are often sold at a discount but I have yet to see a deal as cheap as $19.99 for two. So, this deal makes me super happy. ;p

Nutribullet? I did a Google on this and found that they are doing a Buy 2 for the price of 1. US$39.90 for 2. You could ship through VPost from USA. Should be quite affordable.

Qoo10 sells this too but it is S$59.90 for one and there is also a delivery fee of S$6.90.

In July 2014, Robinsons had a write up on this. Usual price is $419. Special price is $99 and members get additional 10% off. Duh...

Of course, if you can get Robinsons vouchers for free, then, nothing beats free! ;p

If you drive and if you are an ESSO Smiles member, you can exchange your Smiles points for Robinsons vouchers. :)

AK71 said...

Hi pf,

Oops... Mistake. My eyes no good.

Robinsons' regular price is $199. Special offer price is $129. ;p

cbd said...

Haagen Das is cheaper in Hongkong. Not sure why so expensive here. Eat a lot of it everyday whenever we go there.

Solace said...

That's a great deal.

Perhaps next time there will be a post by you on buying clothes.

Brought a promo T-shirt on sale from Uniqlo that is managed by Wingtai ( supporting company you invest). The store is located in capital malls and you paid them using your capital mall card. You get to enjoy free parking as a member. Furthermore, some of the purchase price has been offset by capital land voucher, redeemed through your credit card points reward.

Need to spend money also can have a strategy. This will be next step to progress after mastering frugality. Haha :)

FoodieFC said...

sadly the franks CC now cap the ATU (for public transport) at $100 per month. =(

AK71 said...


Yes, ice cream is relatively more expensive in Singapore. Even McDonald's meals are cheaper in Hong Kong. :(

AK71 said...

Hi Solace,

Oh, I like the way you think. LOL. :D

Actually, for clothing, it is a bit more difficult because I hardly buy any clothes these days. I have lots of new old clothes. I think they will last me a long time. ;p

AK71 said...

Hi FoodieFC,

Indeed so. They have decided to plug the loophole. :(

Well, $100 a month is still plenty for me since I hardly pay for parking, take the bus or MRT. :)

I would use the card to pay whatever is left of my shopping bills at the supermarkets after using discounted shopping vouchers. ;p

SMK said...

I like your savings posts. Not especially applicable to me so I usually skip reading. But it is true every cent counts. Esp percentage. It is often repeated that the importance of this advice has become discounted, discarded or ignored as too tiresome.

That still makes no change to the practical significance of its message.

AK71 said...


I guess you don't do the grocery shopping at home. Lucky you. :)

Yes, many think that to save a bit here and there is too tiresome. I have friends who told me that saving $7 is no big deal, for example.

Imagine saving $7 on a $100 purchase every week. That would become a big deal over a period of just a few months. ;p

Glad you like the blog. ;)

pf said...

Wah seh! Thanks Ak for helping me with my search. :)

I didn't buy nutribullet from US becoz of the difference in the voltage thingy. Didn't buy from qoo10 coz it doesn't seem to come w warranty.

I will look out for robinson sale though! :D

Thank you!

pansy t said...

Thanks for the tip :) I've a soft spot for Haagen Daaz and normally find them at 2 for $24++. The last time I saw 2 for under $20 was a year ago!

Popped to CS today and stocked up ^_^
CS threw in a free Haagen daaz ice cream stick with $30 purchase ☺️☺️☺️

AK71 said...

Hi pf,

Told you I am an accredited KPO. ;p

Anyway, you can buy from the USA and simply get a travel adapter and you can use the product in Singapore. These are quite cheap and can be bought from the supermarkets or hardware stores here. A few dollars each, maybe. I don't know exactly how much because I got mine free as a gift from a courier company I used pretty often in the past. ;)

AK71 said...

Hi Pansy,

Good deal, right? However, I was in NTUC Fairprice Xtra just now in Kallang Wave and found them selling at $19.95 for 2 tubs. Their special offer will end on 24 Dec. :(

I consoled myself by saying it is only a 4c difference but I could not stop myself and bought another two tubs anyway. -.-"

pansy t said...

Hi Ak71,

NTUC too and until 24th? I actually lured the entire family of old folks out with your $19.99 deal tonight. I think I still got the better value as I scored 2 free Haagan Dazs Bar :p They are ridiculously expensive and well worth the 4 cents difference. No sane person pays market price for them....

Having accosted a helpful lady to find a specific flavor, I found out that this awesome deal happens once every 3 months! Unlike must offers that last for a week, this is normally just for the weekend crowds.


AK71 said...

Hi Pansy,

The free Haagen Daz bars are definitely worth more than 4c each. LOL. I didn't know about this until you told me.

Wah! The special deal happens once every 3 months? I am in serious trouble. The battle of the bulge is going to get tougher. ;p

Jane Neo said...

Hi, Ak71, just want to highlight to u that some electricalappliances might need a transformer for thedifferent in voltage to work, else could be a fire hazard.

AK71 said...

Hi Jane,

Thanks for the link. Very useful stuff that people should be aware of. :)

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