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An evening with AK and friends: Thank you.

Saturday, January 31, 2015

This is going to be a quick blog to thank Sean Seah, Rusmin Ang and Victor Chng for agreeing to be my guests tonight on the panel. Without them, the asthmatic AK would not have lasted 3 hours. Sean also generously sponsored the location for the event and he also provided drinks.

I said at the event that these fellows have big hearts and they are also much better investors than I am in more ways than one. I meant what I said. They also share insights and methods on their respective blogs regularly. So, go to fifthperson.com and seanseahsg.com.  I hope you enjoy their blogs as much as I have.

I also want to thank fellow bloggers, SMOL and Derek for attending (and for promising to blog about the event). Matthew Seah, one of ASSI's prolific guest bloggers, was there as well. I also got to meet Sean's friends who are the authors of "Invest Lah": Ser Jing, Wei Lin and Sudhan.

Photo by Derek Lim.
Read his blog on the event in The Finance.

Three hours just went by so quickly and it truly felt like a social event which was what I had in mind. Nothing rehearsed. Just quick introductions of the panelists and sharing knowledge and experience as we answered questions from the audience. Even the breaks were filled with chit chat.

I hope everyone enjoyed themselves and, maybe, learned something at the same time this evening.

Oh, I took a couple of selfies with readers too. My first time taking selfies. I was smiling beneath my surgical mask. Honest.

Anyway, I will post the group photo when it is available later on. Good memory.

(Photos are up. See them: here.)

OK, I just took a salbutamol tablet and, now, I need to take a six months break.


Feedback from a reader:

Hope everyone in the audience felt the same way. :)

Read SMOL's take on the event in his blog:
AK's first chit chat session.

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AK71 said...

Links to a few blog posts that I can remember referring to during the event:

The Rule of 15.

IREIT: Is the projected distribution yield of 8% safe?"

Retirement: 12 year tenor AAA rated bond.

PRCR (Perennial): Full divestment.

Accordia Golf Trust.

Addded more Croesus and reduced Sabana.

Sabana REIT: Weaknesses & uncertainties.

I might have missed out a few as we talked about such diverse subjects last night. :)

RetailTrader said...

Eh please don't increase price, give chance for those who didn't get a ticket cos it was sold out in 2 hrs!! Maybe increase the venue size?

wk said...

It was great learning from you pros last night. Worth very cent of my $2/hr investment. Many thanks to you and the panel team.
Suggest you can do this as an annual event.

AK71 said...

Hi RetailTrader,

I was told by quite a few people that I priced the tickets too cheaply in my maiden effort and since I am using the proceeds from such events towards building a charity fund, I feel that most people wouldn't mind paying more. :)

When I chatted with a few readers, my feeling was validated when they said they would come back even if I were to increase the price by $10 per ticket. It is for a good cause, after all (and I feel that the event was value for money). ;)

Anyway, I won't price the tickets at $40 or $50. A $10 increase in price is likely but not anything more. $28 with book and $16 without book, all else remaining equal. Although not severely undervalued, I feel that it is still a very good deal. ;p

AK71 said...

Hi WK,

If I were to wait 12 months before organising another session like the one last evening, I think I will have to suffer the wrath of many people!

Even the tongue in cheek remark in this blog saying that I would have to take a 6 months break after last evening invited protest on my FB wall.

So, what I need to do now is to arrange maybe another 2 or 3 of such meet the readers sessions this year to clear the backlog. :)

Sounds like some public works project like that. ;p

imdna said...

Where you got your Wong Fei Hung shirt....

AK71 said...

Hi imdna,

Oh, I got it many years ago when I visited Taiwan. Lucky it still fits. ;p

Do you want to get one too?

pansy t said...


I was not fast enough the previous time.
crossing my fingers for your next session!

AK71 said...

Another relevant blog post for attendees:

High yielding business trusts: A discussion.

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