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Thursday, January 29, 2015

What is your favourite pizza?

Mine is the plain and simple Hawaiian pizza.

I decided that I could make something that would taste just like it without having to pay too much. So, that's exactly what I tried to do tonight.

What did I use?

1. Canned pineapple.
2. NTUC Fairprice honey baked ham.
3. NTUC Fairprice low fat cheese.
4. A loaf of Gardenia whitemeal bread.
5. Trans fat free margarine.

Apply some trans fat free margarine on slices of bread and pan fry them. Then, slap on slices of low fat cheese, honey baked ham and rings of pineapple on the hot toasty bread. Let the cheese have a moment to melt and it is done.

I made so many sets too. 

No prizes for guessing what I am having tomorrow for breakfast and bringing to work in my lunch box too.

How much did everything cost me? For 5 servings? Probably about $9. Can't be more than $10.

How much time did I spend doing this? About 15 minutes, give or take a minute or two.

Remember, if AK can cook, so can you! 

If AK can pack lunch to work, so can you!

Updated on 2 July 16:

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yeh said...


i more powerful. i cook my own lunch in office.

will update in my blog when i am free during weekend:)

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