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SOLD OUT - The first of many evenings with AK and friends.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

I am closing ticket sales now as it just occurred to me that some readers might have done a regular funds transfer instead of a FAST transfer. I don't know how many readers fall under this category.

Names of readers' who have managed to secure tickets:

Name/Number of tickets/Number of books

1. Michael Koh/4/0
2. Chin Hock/1/1
3. Gunawan/1/0
4. YM Ho/1/1
5. Tan Shan/2/1
6. Shi Rong Yap/1/0
7. PY Wong/1/1
8. William Koh/1/1
9. Eric Chew/3/3
10. WK/1/1
11. Matthew Seah/3/3
12. Wei Yi/1/0
13. Joanne Ng/2/0
14. YaoChong/1/1
15. HaoNa /1/0
16. ZhengSheng/1/1
17. Lisa Goh/1/1
18. Lee Eu Jin/1/0
19. Derek/1/1
20. Saw Wei Jie/1/0
21. CSC/1/0
22. LGNOR/1/0
23. YongJun/2/0
24. Simon Tan KC/1/1
25. May Yan/1/0
26. Ong Wee Chen/1/0
27. Jared Seah/1/0
28. Jon Wee/2/2
29. Dampire Teo/1/0

If there should be any seats left after I have waited for a few days for the regular transfers (if any) to come in, I will make another announcement.

My first time organising an event like this. A bit chaotic. A thousand apologies.

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The first of many evenings with AK and friends.


tanswe said...

missed out.
will look forward to the next one :)
thanks for organizing out of goodwill and not earning anything from it!

AK71 said...

Hi tanswe,

Like I said in FB just now:

"Sorry, sorry. Very sorry for disappointing some of you.
However, this is a guinea pig batch lah. Might be a blessing in disguise to miss this one. ;p "

ROFL. ;p

OK, now, people who got tickets are going to write in for refunds liao... -.-"

Wealth Journey said...

That's fast...
I just read the post..

anyway, use https://www.eventbrite.sg/
for your event.. it's more organised.

AK71 said...

Hi WJ,

Yes, I found out this morning. Will be less stressful for me too. -.-"

pansy t said...

Also missed out. Will wait for your next one :)

Chua Poh Huat said...

Congrat to All 40 who had been enrolled for the AK Investors' sharing session. Hope that AK 1st sharing session will be starting pt in setting the Smart Investor AK club in Asia.


AK71 said...

Hi PH,

Aiyoh. Sounds like a lot of work. I am too lazy to do anything too structured or too demanding. I try to avoid work wherever possible de. -.-"

lofan73 said...

hi ak

any plan to come over to KL?

AK71 said...

Hi lofan73,

Wow! That thought never cross my mind. Pretty mind boggling. LOL.

I am just a lazy hobbyist blogger. I try to avoid what sounds like work where possible. ;p

Well, I should remind myself not to get swell headed. It is not as if I have been offered a speaking engagement in K.L. or something. -.-"

caelitus said...

I was away at Batam for a short getaway with family. I missed out on this but it is nice to be disconnected from the world for a short while. It is good to see you doing this. Hooya!

AK71 said...

Hi caelitus,

Oh, I would choose a short break in Batam over staying in Singapore and trying to get a seat to my event anytime. Hahaha... ;p

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