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The first of many evenings with AK and friends.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

As some of you already know, the response to the proposed event has been overwhelming. However, I hope that the overwhelming response does not have overwhelming expectations attached.

In case you have missed the many mentions, what I am proposing is a social event which could turn out to be educational at the same time. I would like for it to be in the style of a panel discussion. So, together with my guests, we would take questions and offer our own perspectives on matters of personal finance and investment.

I also want to provide time for mingling with readers. For example, I know some readers would have liked to take photos with me during InvestX Congress but didn't have the opportunity as I was whisked away. So, this is a chance for me to make amends.

Here are the details for the first session:

31 January 2015 (Saturday).

7pm to (latest) 10pm.

10, Anson Road,  
International Plaza, #36-05A.
Singapore 079903.

Anything with regards to personal finance and investment (but don't expect us to have all the answers).

$18.00 per person (including book).
$6.00 per person (excluding book).
The book referred to here is 
"Gone fishing with Buffett" by Sean Seah.

Please transfer funds ($18 if you want the book and $6 if you don't) to my POSB bank account XXXXXXXXX and remember to include your name in the transfer. 

I will treat every fund transfer as being 1 ticket to avoid confusion. 

So, if you want 2 tickets with the book, please transfer $18 twice. Don't transfer $36 once because I won't be able to tell if that is for 6 tickets without the book or for 1 ticket with book and 3 without or for 2 tickets with book. See?

Payments without names will be donated to a charity of my choice. I am serious.

Also, please remember to bring your ID along to gain entry to the event that evening.

Not yet lah. Just testing.

OK, I want to make sure that I do not oversell because it would be troublesome to have to refund money to people who did not manage to get one of the 40 tickets. I don't want to have to do refunds.

So, starting from now, I am going to check my bank account every few minutes. Once I see 40 tickets sold, I will have a very short blog post to say that the event is sold out. Then, I will publish the names of the readers who have managed to get tickets.

Anyone who happens to pay but is unable to secure a ticket for the first session, I would have to try to do a refund. Of course, there is no way of telling if the time and date for the next available session (yet to be confirmed) is convenient for the readers concerned.

OK, now, fastest fingers first. :)


Pangetur said...

Just did payment for myself + wife. Hope the bank will accept anonymous payees. Also can't tell if the bank submitted payer's ID. However my bank does send an email notification (to the email associated with this blog). Our identities are in the emails.

wk said...

Hi AK,
Just saw your posting and did my posb transfer as I am travelling today.

Look forward to the sharing session.

Lim Eugene said...

Hi AK,
I hv made $6 payment to ur account under the name of Lim Yu Kiat. However my wife just reminded me we have something on 31st Jan, so please kindly release my slot to others if I am e 1st 40 applicants n donate e money to charity. Apologies for e trouble, I'm too eager to come for this session but unfortunately my schedule dun permit. Hope u will organise another session again next time. Cheers!

pnzr said...

Hi AK,

I've transferred the money over for your session. However, I transferred $8 instead of $6 for the ticket excluding the book. Don't worry about it and feel free to donate it to a charity of your choice :)

AK71 said...

Hi Pangetur,

What name did you register under? I did not see any anonymous payee. I also did not receive any emails regarding this matter.

AK71 said...

Hi WK,

Yup. I see it. :D

Have a good trip! :)

AK71 said...

Hi Eugene,

Yes, I see it. :D

Actually, I am planning to donate all the proceeds after paying for the cost of the book (for those who want it) to charity. I am glad we think alike. :)

I shared this on FB earlier today:
"I talked to a few friends about what I want to achieve by doing this and a friend said that I am doing charitable work. So, I am thinking of expanding on this in future sessions."

Have a good Sunday. :)

yaochong said...

Hi, made payment for 2 eager participant. Looking forward to the event

AK71 said...

Hi Yao Chong,

You and Hao Na? $18 + $6? OK, see ya. :D

AK71 said...

Hi pnzr,

I did not see a transfer for $8. What is the name you made the transfer under? I will check again.

pnzr said...

Hi AK,

If I made the payment today, won't you only see the transfer on monday or tuesday when then banks are open ? In that case, the transfers will all be processed in one shot and you won't be able to tell who paid first.

AK71 said...

Hi pnzr,

Er... Did you do online FAST Transfer? This is instantaneous. I see it in a couple of seconds.

Derek said...

Transferred. I'm in. ;)

pnzr said...

Hi AK,

Oops, I believe I forgot about that. Sent you an email with a screenshot of the transaction.

AK71 said...


Please see the blog post after this for the name list of participants. :)

Thai Amulets said...

Hi Ak, trf for 2 pax. My name is yongjun.


Pangetur said...

Hi AK,
The Anonymous payee is yourself! But I am sure I typed your account number correctly. It is just possible that POSB has withheld the (FAST) payments due to account name mismatch, but neither bank has attempted to call me about this yet.

The emails would have been sent directly by the bank to: ak71@sillypore.com

Some email clients filter such emails because the "From:" address does not match the actual sender ID which is the bank. You might find the emails in your spam folder perhaps.

Our 2 actual IDs are:

AK71 said...

Hi pnzr,

OK. Can do. See ya. ;)

AK71 said...

Hi Derek,

Looking forward to chatting with you for a bit at the event. See ya. :)

AK71 said...

Hi Yong Jun,

Noted. I was wondering who sent $12 by ATM in the last minute before I closed the ticket sales. LOL. See ya. ;)

AK71 said...

Hi Pangetur,

It is OK. We shall wait for advice from the bank.

What is the name you made the transfer under and how much did you transfer? I will keep a lookout for this. :)

At the moment, I have not received any email or anything regarding this.

my trading journey said...

Hello AK :
Just done online transfer $6.00 . Transaction ref : 13925066893 .
Thanks & best regards
May Yan

AK71 said...

Hi May Yan,

Yes, you are in the list. See ya. :)

Pangetur said...

Hi AK,

It's OK. Just saw out names on the published list.

Look forward to the event!

AK71 said...

Hi Pangetur,

I am so happy to hear that. Thanks for letting me know. See ya. :D

yeh said...

So fast sold out.
I out with family whole morning.then saw this and knew that I missed the seminar.

Next time you start the ticket selling at night. Please

Then I will have my chance:)

AK71 said...

Hi yeh,

Let's see how this first session goes first. If it is good, there will probably be a few more sessions to come for everyone who is interested to take part. :)

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