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An evening with AK and friends: Photos.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

There is before and after. Here, we have back and front.

We started after guest blogger, Matthew Seah, arrived fashionably late.
Found out that 3 people didn't turn up when I took attendance.

Click to enlarge photo. See anyone you know?
Can you spot SMOL? Look for the brightest surface in the room.

Some of you did a good job of hiding from the camera! Aiyoh, and I thought I was the only shy one!

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Singapore Man of Leisure said...


Of course mine shinny bright bright ;)

I got use Brylcreem one OK?


Eh? I didn't know our blog aggregator master Derek is a ninja too.

One moment was sitting beside me, "poof" he disappeared when it's time for picture taking!?

AK71 said...


Now, we know. Derek the Stealth Master. Don't pray pray, ok? ;p

Brylcreem? Wah! So atas! This is for cool men. No wonder you so cool! ;)

All along, I thought you use coconut oil de. A thousand apologies. -.-"

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