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Two more evenings with AK and friends.

Friday, February 27, 2015

After a sell out first session, AK is conducting not one but two more sessions to meet you, the readers of ASSI. I hope that these two sessions would be enough to meet demand as grossly insufficient tickets in the first session left many readers disappointed.

My friend, Sean Seah, has kindly sponsored the event venue again and although his classroom is big enough to accommodate more than 80 seats, I have decided to limit the number of seats per session to 50 which is 10 more than the first session held in January last month.

The first "evening with AK and friends".

I feel that this is a good enough compromise to give more readers a chance to attend what is basically a chit chat session with AK and his more learned friends. Too many attendees and the level of interaction I would like to have with readers might be diluted.

Some people remarked that the way I sold tickets for the first session was somewhat primitive (my word). So, leveraging on Sean's experience in organising events, for a fee paid to an online ticketing service, we have a more elegant way to handle ticketing this time. It will definitely be more convenient for readers who don't have internet banking facility and there will be no more rushing to ATMs to secure tickets.

For these two sessions, Sean has also kindly agreed to make available a total of 30 copies of his book at a special price. This means 15 copies per session.

Sean's book, Gone Fishing With Buffett, usually retails at slightly more than $24 a copy in the bookshops. I highly recommend this well written book if you are interested in value investing or if you want to make a gift to a friend or family member who is interested in value investing.

OK, here are the details and the links to the ticketing service for both dates:

Anything with regards to personal finance and investment (but don't expect us to have all the answers).

Ticket prices:
$28.00 per ticket (including book).*
$16.00 per ticket (excluding book).*

10, Anson Road,  
International Plaza, #36-05A.
Singapore 079903.

Dates and ticketing links:
For 23rd March (Mon), click here.
For 30th March (Mon), click here.

7pm to (latest) 10pm.

Important note:
Please have your dinner before attending the event.

Official media partner: 
TheFinance. (Derek! Don't AWOL hor!)

OK, looking forward to chit chatting with you face to face (which is technically quite impossible since I will be in disguise but I think you know what I mean.)

*After getting questions from a couple of readers regarding the prices shown in the ticketing links, on hindsight, I should have made a note here. I mentioned earlier that there is a fee charged by the online ticketing service. The fee is $1.65 for a ticket without book and $1.95 for a ticket with book.

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What I have learnt said...

AK your ticket selling very very fast le....

AK71 said...


If both events are sell outs, then, I might have to organise another session or two later in the year. If there are leftover tickets, then, the message is that the backlog has been cleared.

It is a bit like building and selling BTO HDB flats but unlike HDB flats, I cannot conduct a sale of balance flats. ;p

yeh said...

Monday I can't make it leh.
Busy with my work.

AK71 said...

Hi yeh,

I understand Mondays are not good for some of us but in March, there are not many dates available and all of them are Mondays. :(

Lim Pang Ooi said...


Must we attend two sessions or just need to attend one session?

AK71 said...

Hi Pang Ooi,

No need to attend either event at all, actually. LOL. ;p

These are just chit chat sessions with me and some invited guests. Hopefully, we will all learn something about personal finance and investing from each other but, most importantly, have fun. These are social events. ;)

If you would like to join in, choose one evening that is better for you. :)

giraffevalue said...

Will we have your 6 figures dividend magic formula?

AK71 said...

Hi giraffevalue,

Actually, I shared the formula openly in my blog. The clues are scattered throughout. Some clues are more obvious than others. ;)

Of course, regular readers who have been following my blog for many years will know that there is nothing magical about the formula. LOL. ;p

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