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An interest rate of 10.68% per annum for a fixed deposit!

Monday, March 30, 2015

In January, I shared in my blog about POSB's Chinese New Year fixed deposit special.

The offer was:

Get 1.88% per annum for a 12 months fixed deposit from a minimum sum of $1,000 to a maximum sum of $1,000,000.

I tried taking part in it and because I am such a dinosaur with IT stuff, I wasn't sure if my application went through.

In fact, when a reader asked me about this during the second "Evening with AK and friends" last week, I was not able to give a clear answer.

Anyway, I checked earlier and I found that my account has been credited with $88. Apparently, I was one of the first 10,000 customers! My application was successful!

We need little happy surprises like this from time to time in life.

For POSB customers who deposited only $1,000 and received the $88 ang bao, they are actually getting an interest rate of 10.68% per annum!

In fact, it is more than that since the $88 ang bao is given now and not at the end of the 12 months period!

Thank you, POSB, for the generous ang bao.

I'm smiling. :)

Where to put your emergency funds? Fixed deposits aren't too bad. See related post number 1 below.

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