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The third "Evening with AK and friends".

Monday, March 30, 2015

The third "Evening with AK and friends" started out slow but it picked up momentum and I really enjoyed the participation from the audience as well. Some contributed their own views regarding certain stocks and shared strategies too. What exactly? I will leave the job of blogging about the event in greater detail to Derek of TheFinance, the event's official media partner.

I want to thank Jared from Singapore Man of Leisure, Brian from Forever Financial Freedom and Paul from FHTM Freedom for being my guest panelists tonight. They have helped to add depth and breadth to the session as they shared their knowledge and experience without any reservation. (So boring to keep hearing from AK, right?)

I also want to thank Ivan from Value Investing College for taking care of the logistics despite not feeling well. We had nice background music tonight. This was a first!

I hope that everyone in the audience enjoyed the session. Of course, I hope that the session has been a value adding experience for everyone in one way or another too, either as a money manager or as an investor, for examples. If these are true, then, I think the session can be considered a success.

Some photos taken by Ivan:

AK, SMOL, Brian and Paul.

AK, Paul, Brian and SMOL.

Ivan said, "The individual pics looks like some kungfu moves. keke..."

Do a few sets everyday will ensure longevity or not? Don't later walk fire enter demon hor.

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victor lee said...

Hi ak, could u blog abt dollar cost averaging? Do u use it? How best to use this? Is it the best way to invest?

AK71 said...

Hi Victor,

I wouldn't say that it is the best way or not to invest. It is another way to invest. It suits certain people due to their temperament, their circumstances or their motivations, for examples.

Guest blogger, Matthew Seah, wrote about DCA before and you might want to have a read: OCBC Blue Chip Investment Plan. There is also a related post on DCA in that guest blog.

I am not the best person to write about DCA because I don't do it. However, we can think of my strategy in keeping a war chest to buy when valuations are cheaper as a form of averaging. ;)

Gary said...

It was a great evening though I have to leave early! =)

AK71 said...

Hi Gary,

It was funny that I thought the person who left a bit earlier was you. I even wished that his daughter get well soon. He must be wondering why I said that. -.-"

Anyway, thanks for taking the time to join us and I hope your daughter recovers soon. No mix up, this time. ;p

Singapore Man of Leisure said...


Notice someone switched fengshui?

When you have some Blue Brothers Ip Man wannebe swinging his kung fu hands, I stay the hell far far away ;)

You talk like Italians :)

AK71 said...


I only noticed after Ivan sent me the photos that the 3 chairs moved to the side instead of staying in the centre. I also noticed then that you switched seats with Paul. -.-"

I must be careful when practising my shadow legs and shadow arms kung fu in future... ;p

Gary said...

Nope. U have hit the "nail"

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