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$2.00 Burger King's Fish N Crisp Burger: A Failure.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

When Burger King announced their $2.00 Fish N Crisp Burger, McDonald's responded by lowering the price of their Fillet O Fish Burger to $2.00.

I have always been a fan of the Fillet O Fish and would order the $5.00 Extra Value Meal whenever I visited McDonald's in the past. When they dropped the price of Fillet O Fish to $2.00, I was overjoyed.

Then, I would order two Fillet O Fish for $4.00 instead of spending $5.00 on the Extra Value Meal. I am not crazy about the fries and soft drink. Just that when the Fillet O Fish was priced at $3.95 each, it was kind of silly not to take the fries and soft drink for only another $1.05.

Anyway, Burger King's claim that their Fish N Crisp Burger offers better value for money with one slice of cheese, not half, and 40% more fish got me curious enough to give it a try. Yes, AK is a sucker for value for money deals.

Poster outside the restaurant. Looks good, right?

So, I tried.

Hmmmm... Doesn't look quite the same.

Opened it up to add some ketchup. The bun felt stale.
The piece of fish looks to be the same size as the Fillet O Fish's.

AK is not a practitioner of Shaolin Temple's Da Li Jing Gang Zi!
The bread is definitely stale. This was from lifting the top earlier.

The fish is sooo salty! Why so salty?

Very disappointing.

Staying with McDonald's Fillet O Fish.

Burger King's Fish N Crisp Burger gets a resounding "C.M.I." from AK.

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Matthew Seah said...

Hi AK,

Welcome to the world of photoshop! LOL


AK71 said...

Hi Matthew,

I am sure it is misrepresentation but no one is going to bother to take action for $2. -.-"

Singapore Man of Leisure said...


Now AK is a food critic?

Look out food bloggers! There's a new dog in the house!

Lucky you never cross-over to cosmetics and fashion accessories - those lifestyle fashion sort of things.

Those bloggers there are serious. Got sue here sue there one. Fiercely protective of their turfs.

E H said...

Yikes. Salty fish = unfresh

AK71 said...


I thought of dyeing my hair blonde and wearing blue contact lens but I decided not to step on the turf of a certain butterfly. LOL. ;p

How to blog about fashion when I wear my t-shirts for 2 to 3 decades and patch my trousers when they become a bit drafty? I could end up killing the industry in Singapore. The industry big wigs would probably put a bounty on my non-blonde head too. -.-"

As for cosmetics, I will leave it to the SKIII users like you. May your skin shine brighter with each passing day. Just an off the top of my head remark. ;p

Cory said...

I remember the rendang burger, only thing i order often in BK.

Sebastian Chen said...

Is this a paid advertisement by McDonald? :P

Or you're invested in McDonald

Just kidding..

AK71 said...

Hi Sebastian,

I wished. ;p

And I wished again. ;p

Maybe, I should send this to McDonald's and see if they might give me one year's supply of Fillet O Fish as a token of appreciation. ;p

E H said...

Not sure about you, but I love stuffing meat in 尖头面包.

See my version here:

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