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AK at Jeff Sun's event in SGX Auditorium.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

The mic very small.
Earlier today, I was at the SGX Auditorium where I gave a talk to Jeff Sun's followers.

I must admit that I was rather surprised when Jeff wrote to me last month and said that he would like me to talk to his followers about Income Investing. I asked Jeff why he would like me to do this since he is into technical analysis (or so I thought at the time)?

Then, Jeff told me that he is also an investor who invests for the long term and for income. Ah, a hybrid. I can understand this since I am one too.

Jeff would like to show his followers that it is never his way or the highway. This is something that I can definitely identify with. After all, I have always said that there are many roads leading to Rome. There are many ways to make money in the stock market.

A lady from Maybank KimEng said there were more than 200 present!

The handsome guy standing is Jeff Sun. The one next to him is AK.

Jeff's followers are quite shy. Only 3 people came up with questions during the Q&A session, if I remember correctly. I am reproducing the questions here and providing links to past blog posts:

1. What do I think of SCI as an investment?
See: SembCorp Industries: A partial divesment.

2. What do I think of Singapore Savings Bonds?
See: Singapore Savings Bonds (Part 3).

3. What are the investments for income on my list?
See: 2014 full year income from S-REITs and 2014 full year income from non-REITs.

I believe that I write better than I talk. So, I hope that the gentlemen who asked the questions above will find the blog posts more helpful.

Jeff doing his stuff.
If you are interested in the kind of work that Jeff does or if you are curious about technical analysis, visit his website:
Singapore Stocks Trading.

In closing, I want to say that achieving financial freedom is a process that will take years for many of us. It is important that we believe in ourselves and continue to do the right things.

This is definitely a journey that is worth going on.


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