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The 4th "Evening with AK and friends": A success.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

I guess it has to do with the fact that I was seated this time and not standing like I was in the first 3 sessions. That really gave an AK weakened by the flu bug a fighting chance to last the whole evening especially when the audience did not want to take a second break after the 2nd hour. Yes, we had only one ten minutes break in the whole 3 hours! Intense!

Here are links to some of the blog posts I can remember mentioning in the session this evening:

1. Elvin on bond laddering.
2. Matthew on blue chip investment plan.
3. Recommended books on FA and TA.
4. "One Up on Wall Street" by Peter Lynch.
5. "Eat Bread With Ink Slowly." (Read related posts too.)
6. How should we approach REITs now?
7. Buy that second property and pay the ABSD?
8. When to BUY, HOLD or SELL? (In 2 parts.)
9. Why fixed deposits over structured deposits?
10. Bonds, REITs and the instant gratification of yield.

I found out that some in the audience are pretty new to investing and have not been following my blog until recently. So, I hope that the links will make it easier for them to read up more on some of the stuff we chatted about.

I was also told by a lady that she has seen me blogged about the pyramid a few times but to hear me explain it in person was more enlightening. I guess there is a place for face to face interaction, after all. Some things are not so easy to explain in writing, I suppose, although I do try. See: Managing exposure in AK's portfolio and Investing for income and position sizing.

Well, although I am less animated this evening compared to the last 3 sessions, all things considered, I think the event was a success.

Also, thanks for leaving one bun for me. I had it for supper before taking my medication. Not bad. ;)

Of course, must be Gardenia. LOL.

Finally, to the lady who said she didn't manage to get a packet of the "liang teh" I was giving out at the session, here is a photo to help you find it in NTUC Fairprice.

Remember, buy one packet and nothing else for maximum savings. ;p

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Eddie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Eddie said...

Hi AK,
Great evening, thanks for organising the evening. I would like to ask one more question:
What's your view on investing in high growth stocks (capital gains) vs Dividend stocks ? Most of my portfolio is in high growth stocks with good capital gains but almost zero dividends. Should I rebalance my portfolio to include more REITS ? I am just concerned that we are now in a rising interest rate environment.

AK71 said...

Hi Eddie,

I am glad you enjoyed the evening. :)

Question what's your motivation for investing mainly in growth stocks in the first instance. Do they still do the stuff you want them to do for you? Are their current higher prices a cause for concern?

As they do not generate income for you, the way to gain from these growth stocks would be to liquidate them at some point in time. Is this a good time to liquidate some of your investments? Remember the difference between value and price.

Have you done enough research into REITs? Do you feel comfortable enough to invest in them now for income? You might want to read blog posts number 6 and 10 in the list provided in this blog post.

I cannot tell you what to do because you understand yourself best and why you did what you did and what you are thinking of doing next. :)

Eddie said...

Hi AK,
Thanks for your reply.
I actually invested into major US blue chips, e.g. AAPL, FB, Citi, Wells Fargo, Berkshire, a few years back, so i'm sitting on good capital gains.

The reason why I am hesitant to invest into REITs now is the impending interest rates rise, which I feel will result in a knee jerk reaction on price of REITs. I'm just waiting for this to happen, before I start going into REITs.

What about investing along the lines of macro-economic cycle themes ? Some proponents of this strategy invest into companies which they feel will outperform in various stages of the economy.

Do you also invest in US stocks ? (I find the local market somewhat slow...)

Thanks for your time and looking forward to the next "Evening with AK"

AK71 said...

Hi Eddie,

I am a frog in a well and my well is Singapore. ;p

Nope. I don't have any exposure to foreign stock markets.

I am sure that there are many schools of thought out there when it comes to investing or trading. You will have to decide which one makes sense for you. I don't think I should comment on stuff I don't know much about. -.-"

You seem to have a plan when it comes to timing your proposed investment in S-REITs. Taper Tantrum, Part 2? ;)

AhJohn said...

Thanks AK, finally a weekend session.
Although not much new from you, but still learned something through panel discussion. Especially ETF, I did invested in china ETF and sold out already. Now I know another great US ETF (US: VFINX, HK: 3140).

For VFINX, not sure whether it's exact the one that Buffett recommended, it closely trace S&P500, very low cost.

For 3140, new one in HK, don't know any difference between this and US one?

AK71 said...

Hi AhJohn,

For long time and regular readers like yourself, you wouldn't hear anything from me that is new to you, I keep saying. Best to save the time and money unless you want to take a selfie with me. ;p

You should have come up to me to introduce yourself. :)

As for ETFs, I am not in the know. You might want to contact Paul Chen. I think he would be in a better position to advise you. ;)

ang said...

Hi AK,

There's a personal question I forgot to ask you last Saturday. May i know at what age did you started investing in stocks?

AK71 said...

Hi ang,

Hope you enjoyed the evening. I started dabbling in my undergraduate days. :)

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