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Friday, August 7, 2015

I don't blog as much as I used to but I am actually still quite active in Facebook.

As I started being active in Facebook pretty late as a blogger, I think many of ASSI's readers don't follow me on Facebook. They probably use other means to follow my blog. After all, I have been blogging for almost 6 years but I have been active in Facebook for only about 2 years.

So, from now, I think I will try to share periodically in my blog what I share on my Facebook wall. However, if you think you might get to read something profound, you would probably be disappointed.

The stuff which I post on my Facebook wall which don't appear in my blog are usually nothing cerebral. They are just stuff for fun and laughter most of the time.

See for yourself:

AK is honest, isn't he? ;p

Oh, a bonus pic, from a few days ago:

In case you didn't get the joke, read this:
BreadTalk on Tuesday (Aug 4) said it has “temporarily stopped selling” bottled soya bean milk touted to be "freshly prepared" after an employee was caught repackaging ready-made soya bean milk into plastic bottles. The move comes after a photograph published by alternative news site Redwire Times sparked a firestorm online. “This ‘freshly prepared’ soya bean milk from BreadTalk always tasted very familiar, but somehow I couldn’t figure out why until now...
Hope you enjoyed this light hearted blog post.

HAPPY SG50. :)

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AK71 said...

Any reasonable person would say that BreadTalk was wrong in labeling the offending soya bean milk as "freshly prepared".

BreadTalk had abused the trust that consumers placed in them. I am glad that CASE has stood up for the rights of consumers.

"In the two-page letter, Case detailed how BreadTalk had breached the Consumer Protection (Fair Trading) Act (CPFTA). Under this Act, it is an unfair practice for BreadTalk to do or say anything to deceive or mislead a consumer, or make a false claim."

The Chinese have a saying that the way employees/servants behave speaks volumes about what kind of person their bosses/masters are. 看下人就知主人.

BreadTalk's boss should say and do something to control the damage. His underlings are not doing a good job. This does not reflect well on him.

AK71 said...

I blog about fraud and con jobs from time to time and, from my interaction with readers, I realized that many people don't really know the Law.

I hope that more people are aware of what is legally wrong with what BreadTalk did now. If this sad incident improves awareness, then, something good came out of it.

I am seriously appalled by how there are people who do not understand what is misrepresentation and think that what BreadTalk did was not a big deal.

An example from my FB wall:

Daryl Lee:
The wording was Freshly Prepared. Technically, it's not wrong (Freshly poured from packet to bottle).
Btw, using yeos is more expensive than if they made their own. Know from some soya bean milk vendor that cost of a cup (ingredients, water and electricity, excluding manpower and machine investment) is only a couple of cents.
August 5 at 9:58am

Assi AK:
Crooked interpretation... In the eyes of the Law, it is misrepresentation. Ask any reasonable person on the street what comes to mind when someone says that the soya bean milk is freshly prepared. This was something I was taught in school when I did the Law module.
August 5 at 10:05am

AK71 said...


星雲大師告訴世人,如果人一旦取了不義之財, 無疑和官府勒索,與盜賊搶劫無異。

Singapore Man of Leisure said...



Now you're talking!

If I'm dealing with a property agent, the last thing I want is to deal with someone who has a "technically this is not wrong" mindset ;)

This case is similar to the old SMRT where the focus is so much on efficiency (do things cheaper, better, faster) that we forgot about effectiveness (do the right thing).

And not to just throw stones at others, we should take a hard look at ourselves too.

Are we taking similar shortcuts as Breadtalk in our journey towards financial freedom?

AK71 said...


Property agent? Why are we talking about property agents suddenly. I blur. -.-"

Shortcuts to financial freedom are offered everywhere but often they result in our money attaining freedom instead. Unfortunately, there is too much "caveat emptor" going on in the personal finance and investment space.

AK71 said...

Let us not forget what is right and what is wrong:

Andy Low II:
Very smart coy! Proud to be their loyal shareholder. $$$

Assi AK:
I hope you are kidding...

Andy Low II:
I bot them from $0.50 keep til $1.80. Am I kidding ? Lol

Assi AK:
I hope that as a shareholder, you will be like Raymond Ng and not encourage them by telling them you are proud of what they did... -.-"

Singapore Man of Leisure said...


Not everyday I see you with your gloves off ;)

The first one works in the property sector.

This one is a Liverpool fan with an adorable son. He smarter; details kept private. I guess his friends know who he is. And now knows what he stands for...

Let's see whether he'll educate his son on whoever helps you to make money, just shout "Daddy!"

Sometimes we may have to 划清界线 with others - 道不同不相为谋.

AK71 said...


Well, SMOL, what happens on my FB wall is not exactly a secret. It is in the public domain. If we say something in the public domain, then, I don't think we should be afraid of people possibly sharing what we said. ;)

Having said this, I am not out to shame anyone. I am just making a couple of points which I feel are of material importance to our society at large. How shall I put it? Well, since we are talking about gloves, money making should be principled. It must not be a case of "if the gloves fit". :)

Julian Chan said...

I'm no longer on Facebook... So please dun stop blogging.
Can I know the name and address of the store PM Lee visited?

AK71 said...

Hi Julian,

I won't give up blogging. Well, not in the near future anyway. :)

PM Lee visited Redhill Market (just across the road from Redhill MRT station). There is a small food centre there. Explore! Indulge! ;p

AK71 said...

If they think they can bribe me with a bun to make me forget about their fresh soya bean milk, they are so wrong. However, for a one year's supply, I may consider...

In response to:
BreadTalk to give away 50,000 pork floss buns after soya bean milk saga.

AK71 said...

On FB:

Terrence Jeep Long:
George wants to stuff our mouths with Hot spicy flosss bun so we can stop complaining LOL.

Assi AK:
I thought bribery is illegal...

Terrence Jeep Long:
Can't appease us with buns.. we want Ding Tai Feng vouchers and toothpicks!

Assi AK:
I guess we cannot accept bribes but donations are OK. smile emoticon

AK71 said...

Assi AK:
This is really an insult. Adding insult to injury. "Give you a bun and all should be forgiven." So cheap!

Kenichi WealthMgt:
dun angry there a better way?
there will be 50 000 happy ppl tomorrow

Assi AK:
I can't be bothered. There will be 50,000 people who can be bribed by a bun tomorrow? OK lor.

Timothy Tan:
OK lah. They are giving $50,000 to comm chest too. I'm glad that some sum of money will go to the needy.

Assi AK:
Over a period of 2 to 3 years, I think they made more than $50,000 from the "fresh" soya bean milk.... The gesture is inadequate and insincere.

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