They chose financial independence over home ownership.

This is somewhat extreme but watch how this Canadian couple chose financial independence over home ownership.  They are in their 30s and,...

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AK learns to embrace Y.O.L.O.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

"Sir, I would like to introduce a money saving card to you."

"Save money? I like. Tell me more."

"You will get 50% discount when you dine at XXX, YYY and ZZZ!"


"And the membership costs only $300 a year!"

"Thank you for calling but I am not interested."

"Why? This card helps you save money. If your dining bills amount to $2,000 a year, you would save $1,000!"

Wow! This guy's math is up to scratch but AK is also not stupid. Since AK is not stupid, why AK never buy the money saving card?

AK must be stupid!

"I going to Europe for vacation next week."

"For how long?"

"Two weeks lor. Go to Europe must be at least two weeks or else not worth."

"Wah! Will spend a lot of money lor."

"No lah, will save a lot of money."


"Ya. I calculated already. I will save several thousand dollars buying my Prada, LV, Gucci and Tag over there!"


My friend's maths is better than mine. A1 for A Maths. I got only C5 for A Maths.

AK is definitely stupid!
"I going to Japan for holiday again next month. You want to go with me?" 

"I love Japan. Maybe next year. Save money first."

"You need to save money one meh? You so much money liao."

"Aiyah. Cannot anyhow spend mah. Must budget for it. A trip to Japan would still cost quite a bit of money."

"Don't think like that lah. The savings would more than make up for what the trip would cost."

"Er... How so?"

"The cameras there are cheaper. Buy one Nikon already save a lot of money liao. Buy more stuff that are cheaper than in Singapore lor."

"Wah! Like that also can. You win already lor!"

"Ah bar den..."

Why AK didn't think like that?

Stupid AK, stupid AK!

Y.O.L.O. can be a good thing. It could help us to save money. So, we should embrace Y.O.L.O.

Don't be like stupid AK who doesn't know how to save money.
(For those who are even more dinosaur than AK, Y.O.L.O. stands for "You Only Live Once". It has a nice ring to it too. Er... Or is it "You Only Lived Once"? I blur.)
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AK71 said...

From my FB page:

"Just saw your posting. Reminds me of a friend who told me he save about S$100k buying cars. I was very curious why he said that. He told me his was about to buy a Maserati. In the end, he decided to buy 2 cars instead, a modified Mitsubishi EVO for the speed (faster than a Maserati) and a BMW for family use, thus a saving of 100k..."

Steven Teo said...

In this day and age of consumerism, we can't help but see temptations everyday. Personally for me, I am always addicted to the innovative and exclusive products from Kickstarter. Sometime I give in, sometimes I just close the "X" button and forget about it. Out of sight out of mind. "p

Black said...

unless it is groceries and necessities lah, then still ok u can REALLY save.

these luxury and material goods are meaningless splurge no matter how much u can "save"..

Dividend Knight said...

Hi Ak,

Your post reminds me of some of my friends' behaviour too. I think they are trying to justify their free-spending ways by coming up with mis-construed reasons. The reason I have for travelling is not to save money on luxury goods but the experience. The experience of travelling around the world is priceless! :)

coconut said...

haha me too! i saved almost 200k buying my current one instead of a 911 turbo which i prefer! they have the same power and mine handling is better!

your friend also smart! yes a EVO (10 i believe) is faster than the stupid maserati, maserati sound great look nice but cannot perform at all!

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