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AK saves money now and avoids hefty bills in future!

Monday, May 9, 2016

Whenever we talk about dental services, we think of the dollar sign. Almost everyone I know thinks that visiting the dentist is not only scary but very expensive. So, many do not make regular visits to the dentist.

Well, oral health is important and not taking care of our teeth might result in costly dentures or implants in future. I am sure there are other things that could go wrong but I will leave the horror stories to the dentists.

A single implant costs $5,000, I found out. A visit to the dentist for cleaning plus a filling would cost less than $100. 

$5,000 could pay for 50 visits to the dentist! If the visits take place half yearly, $5,000 is enough for 25 years!

Wait a minute. Cleaning plus a filling for less than $100? Yes, that is correct.

If you are a Singaporean like I am, you can get good and relatively cheap basic dental services in Singapore. 

Seriously, look at my bills from recent visits to the dentist:



Where got $100? 

OK, AK's maths fail.

That's less than $70!

Did I get your attention? 

Do you want to find out more?

Visit these websites for more information: NHGP and Singhealth. Yup. Polyclinics.

Just make a call or make an online booking. It is that easy.

No welfare in Singapore? 

Well, this is another something which Singaporeans could easily take advantage of and we should.

Save a chunk of change while saving our teeth? Sounds good to me.

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Raymond said...

I try to book an appointment for dental cleaning at polyclinic. The booking was done in May 2015 and they give me appointment date of 19 May but year is 2016. Yes, you can avoid higher dental bill if you are prepared to wait.

AK71 said...

Hi Raymond,

I only had to wait for 2 weeks. And subsequently, 3 weeks for a follow up appointment. After the follow up, I made a booking for my next visit 6 months later. I didn't have to wait a year. Hmmm...

Unknown said...

Very impt tip...floss your teeth regularly! Especially the 5 molars at the back.
You can buy OralB mint-flavoured floss for around $2.65 from small shops selling toiletries, etc.
Also avoid eating sugary sticky food, or eat near to the time before flossing.
Eating high-fibre food such as apple with skin, oranges, veggies and brown rice will also auto-floss for you saving time to floss manually!

Raymond said...


Waiting period is shorter if you have a dental problem and need to be fixed quickly. For normal dental health checkup, they just want you to wait. This is what they told me.

AK71 said...

Hi Raymond,

My experience was quite different.
Maybe, you could try booking online and see if it is better. :)

The polyclinic I went to is under NHG. I don't know if the queue was shorter compared to polyclinics under SingHealth though.

Diana Chen said...

Hi AK,
Finally I managed a Google account.

I want to thank AK 好推薦. Just completed the Polyclinic dental service.... Good and cheap! Thanks!!

Diana Chen said...

Hi AK,
Just write to thank you for your 好推薦. I have attended the Polyclinic dental service.... Good and cheap! Thanks!!

AK71 said...

Hi Diana,

Hey, you are welcome and thanks for sharing with us your positive experience.

If we can save some money and in this case it is quite a bit of money, we should. ;)

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