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Get 14% return on investment per annum.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Hi AK,
I am glad to chance upon your blog recently and is currentlu busy reading up on the various blog post which is quite informative.
I recently came across a website which was featured in (a popular personal finance blog) which indicates returns of investment up to 14% through P2P lending to SMEs.
I am in the process of checking if these are guaranteed returns which i highly doubt so.
Like to understand more of your view on this.

You might be interested in this blog:

If we say junk bonds must offer higher coupons to attract lenders because they are risky (think risk of default), for example, Swiber offered a coupon in excess of 7%, what could a 14% coupon from a borrower mean?

Aiyoh, headache. 

What to do? 

Don't ask me.


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