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Choosing a primary school for your child.

Monday, May 8, 2017

i need your self talk about my situation. My only child, a girl, will be P3 next year, likely she will have a chance to attend the good primary school like RGPS or NYPS...after GEP selection by the end next year. 

However she feels dizzy whenever sitting inside a public bus or school bus... from my home BTO to these schools takes 1 hour by bus and i don't wish to own a car due to not enough budget. 

So I thought of buying a tiny condo 300~500 square ft due to up to $750k max budget in early 2019.

So where can i find such a tiny place which is nearby these schools and also within my budget?

Many thanks and wish to hear your self talk soon.

Tania Cheng from Guangyang Primary School.

The prudent thing to do is to go to a school nearer to your current home.

I have blogged about how we have to be prepared to spend quite a bit of money having children, especially in a country like Singapore. 

Trying to give the best to our children, it is important to draw the line somewhere. 

Somewhere? Where? 

Alamak. Don't ask me. I blur.

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jojo said...

hahahaha AK, this may be before your time, but you remind me of Lee Dai Sor.
To the young ones, he is a famous story teller who has a program on Rediffusion (what's zat???!!). Apparently, he was so good a story teller that his fans would tune in to listen to him .... just like AK.

I have never listened to him but I have heard of him. And yes, I definitely had listened to the Rediffusion in my growing-up years ;)

AK71 said...

Hi Jojo,

Oh, I remember the box in my grandparents' home. They would tune in and I would go out to play. LOL.

Kym said...

If your daughter gets into the GEP program, you can think about renting a flat near the school and rent out the current place that you own. I'm not sure if you can find HDB flats near RGPS or NY Pr but I know Rosyth that offers GEP is located within a HDB estate, cos my children attended the school and we live in a HDB flat just within 100m of the school.

gagmewithaspoon said...

aiyoh as a working mum, i totally understand your situation. contrary to financial belief, i think in this case it would be money well spend. I remember when i was studying, i had to take a bus and not a train as only bus had bus-pass and it made commercial sense. End up, i took an extra half an hour to go school as compared to a child living in my block. That is an hour of my life back and forth more than ohter kids. multiply it by the number of school days and you can imagine the pain. I tried to study on the buses to "save time" and end up with headaches. I also often used my own pocket money to take the train because my friends were doing so, and it was darn late after CCA and i was darn hungry. I think you should look for a good property or consider renting a hdb flat - there are those near farrer you know? or toh yi drive? Else bukit timah nearer king albert park area is cheaper as compared to nearer sixth avenue area. there are buses a plenty and trains as well so the journey will be ok.

AK71 said...


I read an article about a mother that wanted to send her girl to Nanyang Girls some time ago. I didn't have the time to reply. Later i could not find that post anymore. Can help me to publish the below?

My son is in a school that offers GEP hence i have some insights. She needs to take note that GEP is about holistic education, lots of projects outside the PSLE subjects. Some teachers expect the kids to study on their own or get tuition outside. Some GEP students scored only around 230 in their PSLE. I sat in a meet-the-Principal session in Sec One a few years ago where some parents confronted the P why their kids did poorly in PSLE. There is no guarantee that GEP will perform better in PSLE. Is she prepared for these?

Thanks AK.

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