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Good entry price for QAF Limited (Part 2).

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Source: Bloomberg.

Reader #1:
QAF price dropping. Any change in your opinion of QAF?

Any reason to change?

Reader #1:
probably not


Reader #2
QAF is getting lower, wondering you have done any change to your holding, raised up or reduced or still the same?

I am too lazy to make any changes but what you do should depend on what you believe in.

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Good entry price for QAF.


AK71 said...

Wa AK, nowadays the stocks u have all got news one lol. CRT privatization, RHT buyout, now QAF strategic review with possible listing or sale of its primary production business. You may need to anyhow pick another 5 stocks soon 🍜
If QAF's decision is to sell off, then won't it be another Neratel scenario? Any difference?

Why like that? Very cham. :(

anon said...

Whilst QAF's BS (only in the last 3 yrs from 2014) and Cashflow are strong, its 10-yr CAGR (2006-2016), however, shows a stagnant business.
At a share price of $1.31 and its related P/E (net cash & CORE EPS adjusted) of 11.67, isn't the share price deemed expensive in view of a 10yr EPS CAGR of only 1.82%?
I thought QAF's Primary Production business is doing well. So why would there be a possible sale of its Primary Production business?

Revenue 2016: $889,520 | 2006: $992,047 | 10yr CAGR: -1.08%
Gross profit 2016: $436,399 | 2006: $393,187 | 10yr CAGR: +1.05%
Operating profit 2016: $67,795 | 2006: $65,517 | 10yr CAGR: +0.34%
CORE Net profit 2016: $61,015 | 2006: $41,153 | 10yr CAGR: +4.02%
CORE Diluted EPS 2016: $0.1090 | 2006: $0.0910 | 10yr CAGR: +1.82%
CORE NAV per share 2016: $0.8320 | 2006: $0.8020 | 10yr CAGR: +0.37%
Diluted shares outstanding ('000) 2016: 561,855 | 2006: 449,657 | 2.25%

AK71 said...

Hi jojo,

Alamak. I very simple minded when it comes to investment lah. Too cheem, I also dunno what to say. :(

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