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Lose weight fast and stay slim! (From low carb to moderate carb.)

Friday, August 17, 2018

I am back from a short holiday and, as expected it was so difficult to eat right.

It was terrible and it was good at the same time, if you know what I mean.

Now that I am back home, it is back to eating right.

Beautiful sunset.
It has been a while since I blogged about food.

As promised before I went on holiday, here is a blog on food.

Regular readers know that I went on a low carbohydrate, high fat diet many moons ago.

I shared it almost a year ago as the secret to my successful weight loss.

Gain will outweigh the loss.

I had to present my passport on two occasions during my vacation.

When I presented my passport the first time, I was asked,

"Did you go on a diet?"

When I came back, I had to present my passport again.

After looking at my passport photo and at me a few times,

"You are much thinner!"

Over many months, from 78 kgs, I am now 64 kgs in weight.

Losing weight is 80% diet and 20% physical activity. 

I became a firm believer after I saw the results.

After reaching my ideal weight, I am no longer on a low carb diet but a moderate carb diet and for quite a while by now.

I have always liked bread but was avoiding it.

No longer.

Having read up on diets and nutrition, I am familiar with the arguments against eating bread but I did miss eating bread.

A moderate intake should be fine lah.

It is just like char kway teow and chye tao kway.

Right or not?

You disagree?

You are probably not a Singaporean.

Anyway, I like French toast but I decided to try doing something different.

I scrambled an egg in extra virgin cocounut oil before dunking a slice of Gardenia bread in it.

Must be Gardenia bread, of course.

Powdered with black pepper and a sprinkling of garlic salt.

1 minute in the microwave at 800W and voila!

A 20 (maybe 30) cents breakfast. 

Oh, so good! 

Yum, yum!

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LKH said...

Low-carb diet linked to elevated mortality risk: Study

AK71 said...


Low carb doesn't mean no carb.

It is important to have some good quality carb in our diet.

After achieving the desired weight, it is a good idea to move to a moderate carb diet.

Low carb is not fun. ;)

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