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1Q 2018 passive income from non-REITs.

Thursday, April 5, 2018

I feel that I should mention a non-REIT here which might not be considered an investment by most people.

I should mention it because, logically, it should be considered a part of my portfolio.

Of course, I am talking about the CPF.

If we would include bonds in our portfolio, then, we should also include money in our CPF accounts in our portfolio which I have said before is like a AAA rated sovereign bond.

I have also mentioned that, lacking mandatory contributions, I would voluntarily contribute to my CPF account and that was what I did in January.

The CPF is a risk free and volatility free component of my portfolio which pays a reasonably good coupon and to promote peace of mind, I would like for it to stay a meaningful size.

Regular readers might remember that I talked about it before but if you don't, you might want to read the blog: The AK passive income strategy after making $1 million.

Related to this, I also bought some Singapore Savings Bonds.

If you are interested in the reason why, read the blog: HERE.

As for investments in equities, what did I do in 1Q 2018?

I added to my investment in SingTel at under $3.40 a share.

I added to my investment in Wilmar at under $3.00 a share.

I added to my investment in ComfortDelgro at under $2.00 a share.

1Q 2018 passive income from non-REITs:

$ 10,871.45

Or about $3,623.00 per month.

Enough or not?

Enough for me but I don't know if it is enough for you.

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