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LMIR: Recovering for real?

Sunday, July 11, 2010

In the last session, LMIR touched 48.5c, a lower high formed on 22 Jun. Is LMIR's unit price recovering for real and will it go higher? Can't say for sure but recent technicals are supportive of a more bouyant price as we see the MFI, a momentum oscillator that aggregates volume and price, forming higher lows since hitting a low on 21 May. However, trading volume has declined quite a bit in the last four sessions as price rose. Volume is the fuel of a rally and if it dries up, gravity could do its job.

If we look at the longer term trend, MFI has been forming lower highs and this trend suggests reducing demand.  OBV has been forming lower highs which suggests that there is greater distribution than accumulation.  In fact, the downtrend which started on 11 Jan 10 is still intact.

I blogged about my move to reduce some exposure in LMIR about a month ago at a lower high of 47c, recognising the longer term downtrend. On hindsight, that was a bit too soon and I should have used the long term downtrend resistance as a guide instead.

What is my plan now? Frankly, I do not know why the market dislikes LMIR apart from a suspicion that maybe it is applying an "Indonesian discount" to the REIT. I still like the fundamentals but the technicals are wanting. 47c is resistance turned support but it could become resistance again as the 50dMA is still declining. LMIR is probably on its second fan line (which I have drawn in orange color).  Both fan lines have their source at the low formed on 25 May at 42c. We could possibly see the formation of a third fan line in time which suggests that price could touch a low of 45.5c once more. This is a support shared by both fan lines and history might repeat itself.

I still have a large investment in LMIR despite the reduction in exposure I just mentioned. Although the technicals are pointing towards a higher probability in the continuation of the longer term downtrend, a significant increase in volume together with price moving higher would negate this.  Of course, there is no way we can tell if this would happen but it could.  We can only wait and see.


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