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No T-bills next month. New AA REIT video.

Friday, January 27, 2023

I shared in my last blog that my plan was to keep buying 6 months T-bills every month with cash on hand till April this year.

Why April?

That's when the T-bills I bought in October last year mature.

Then, I would just recycle money from each maturing T-bill into new ones.

Another perpetual passive income generator for me or so I thought?

Well, there is a change of plan.

Yes, it seems like the plan to buy T-bills in February has been sunk.

How come like that?

To put it simply, I have run out of money.

Yes, doesn't sound too auspicious to say something like this during Chinese New Year but it is the truth.

In my most recent blog, I shared the promotion code for DBS 5 months 3.9% p.a. fixed deposit.

Minimum $20K deposit.

The promotion code just popped when I logged into the DBS phone app.

As an earlier promotion expired very quickly before, I was very fast to share the latest promotion code.

I hope it works for everyone.

I took advantage of the promotion too, of course.

That promotion got me curious and I decided to check UOB and OCBC for fixed deposit promotions too.


OCBC is offering 4.08% p.a. for an 8 months fixed deposit!

Minimum $20K deposit.

This is only for OCBC 360 account holders.

What to do?

I couldn't resist it.

With this latest fixed deposit placement, I don't have much cash on hand left.

So, no T-bills next month in February for me.

This is probably not a bad thing as the yield for T-bills has been on the decline.

To be fair, 3.87% p.a. for a one year T-bill isn't terrible if we are using CPF-OA money.

However, if we are using cash, fixed deposits with higher interest rates are better options.

I said in my last blog that I was aware that CIMB offers 4% p.a. for a 6 months fixed deposit.

However, I only consider DBS, OCBC and UOB to be as relatively risk free as T-bills.

Having said this, I do have many fixed deposits with CIMB but I am not too comfortable with placing many more.

Just talking to myself, as usual, of course.

Remember, AK is mental.

Huat ah!

CPF-OA in T-bill. DBS 3.9% p.a. 5 months FD promo code.
New YouTube video on AA REIT:

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