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Fake ASSI AK71 HWZ account and you.

Saturday, October 13, 2018

For those who do not follow me on Facebook, for the record, I do not have a HWZ account.

Laiye said...
someone with nick assiak71 posted in hardwarezone ...

Cassidy Gan said...
AK71 is just too popular to be ignored. Do you consider copying that to be the sincerest form of flattery or trickery to blasphemy? ;))

Tiang Wen Loong said...
Wow.. AK71 🔫

Kelvin Seetoh said...
It is a good thing but he better do not pester ur followers!

Joseph Benjamin Goh said...
When ppl start to fake you. Means you are good. 😉

Gabriel Tham said...
u need trademark liao

Dolce Goh said...
No wonder the fake person doesn’t sound like AK at all!

Kelvin Chua said...
It is a testament to your celebrity status. :)

Goh Kun Zheng said...
There's a saying... fake it till you make it. Maybe that what it means. Hehehe.

Donald Trump said...
'It's called fake news' - BBC News 

I will do less blogging in future and eventually I will stop blogging one day.

I don't know if that would lead to more fake ASSI AK71s being created.

However, if you remember 

1. not to ask barbers if you need a haircut 

and that 

2. nobody cares more about your money than you do, 

you and your money should be quite safe from the genuine and the fakes alike. :)

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laurence said...

AK for CPFB Chairman!
AK for MAS Chairman!
AK for Finance Minister!
AK for PM!
AK for President!
AK for Singapore!

Hmmm, must ask Nas to do a video on AK......The Almost Perfect AK.

The almost perfect country

AK71 said...

Hi Laurence,

AK is a full time gamer now.

Please don't give AK more work to do. :p

laurence said...

AK is a full time gamer now.
Please don't give AK more work to do. :p

Is AK training hard for the 2022 Asian Games in Guangzhou, China?
E-sports (aka online gaming) is going to debut as a Medal Event in the 2022 games.

From news articles:

"Recognised by the IOC as a sport, the Jakarta event was also a trial run for esports to be included as an exhibition event in the 2024 Paris Olympics."

"China defeated Taiwan to win the first ever Arena of Valor gold medal on Sunday, as esports made a splashy debut as an exhibition event at the 2018 Asian Games. Esports will become an official medal event at the 2022 Asian Games."

And Singapore medalists will be rewarded like all other Asian Games medalists:
Gold : S$200,000
Silver: S$100,000
Bronze: S$50,000

AK for Gold!
Go for Gold!
AK for Gold!
AK jiayu!
AK gambatte!


AK71 said...

Hi Laurence,

Neverwinter for the win! ;p

WTK said...

Hi AK,

Do what you feel to be right for yourself. There are so many instances in which the fake news spread around to the extent that one is unable to decipher on the differences.


AK71 said...

Hi Ben,

Unfortunately, many people are actually attracted to fake news which allow so many strange websites to thrive in Singapore.

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