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Tea with AK71: Money well spent.

Friday, July 23, 2010

My recent purchase of a Samsung HD1080p 32" LED TV, a Sony Blu Ray player and a Pioneer sound system surprised quite a few friends and even my family members.  Considering that my last TV was a Chimei 26" LCD HD Ready TV bought three years ago at $688 in Carrefour, you can imagine why. Have I become extravagant?  I hardly think so.

Three years ago, it would have easily cost two times of $688 to get a 26" LCD HD Ready TV from Sharp or Sony.  I decided I did not need something branded then and settled for Chimei which served me quite well in the last three years.  Some friends commented that it was too small for my living room and some said the definition was poor.  Most just went "What is a Chimei?" and some even made puns out of the name.  Terrible. However, I thought it was OK.  I mean I had no problem with news, documentaries and DVDs on my Chimei.  Then, why change?

I saw what the LED TV was capable of delivering during one of my visits to the malls and  I also found the Samsung aesthetically pleasing compared to the Chimei.  You don't find these arguments convincing, do you?  If you are a regular reader of my blog or if you know me very well, yes, you would not be convinced.  The most important reason was that the price was not even two times of $688!  Great technology at a great price!  It is never a question of affordability.  It is always a question of value of money. I decided to pamper myself which is something I rarely do.

So far, everyone who has seen my new TV only had good things to say about it.  I am only human and it feels good to have positive reinforcement from others.  Things are so different from those Chimei days.  This is a positive spinoff that I did not anticipate.

To some people, it seems that I have changed. Well, maybe a little.  I don't think I have changed much.  I am still the pragmatic me but I have to agree that I have become less tight fisted in the last one year. 

I told a friend who visited recently that watching Blu Ray programs is such a joy.  Images and sounds are crystal clear on the new TV. Sometimes, I would just switch it on, watch for about ten minutes, switch it off and go to sleep, feeling happy. Money spent on anything which contributes to a general sense of well-being and happiness has to be money well spent, don't you think?

As an aside, my sister is going to shave her head bald to help some cancer stricken children and I donated some money to the cause in a show of support.  It's a worthy cause, after all.  To find out more, please visit: Hair for Hope 2010. This is definitely money well spent.

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PanzerGrenadier said...

Hi AK71

It's important to pamper oneself within one's means now and then.

Life is meant to be experienced in full and there is more to life than just bread alone :-)

Be well and prosper!

AK71 said...

Hi Panzer,

I so agree with what you have said. I spend more freely these days and put more emphasis on being happy. No point working so hard, saving so much and being miserable. :)

Anonymous said...

With a 46 LED, u make me look bad now. :P

I was on a CRT, and I never intended to get an LED in the first place. To me however, a 32 or smaller does not justify an LED but the difference may be small these days. The big thing in the market now is 3d. So I jumped from a CRT to a LED, via a hd ready LCD and full hd LCD. So I jumped 3 steps and I believe my LED will last me for a good number of years. I play catch up this way.I dont chase technology yet when there is one that meets my requirements I will do the leap. I believe the durability and energy savings from the LED will pay for itself in time to come, not to mention the pleasantness to the eye!


AK71 said...

Hi Charlesming,

Yes, your 46" LED TV is a beauty and you got it at such a steal! :)

My new 32" LED is already an improvement over my old 26" LCD. Didn't want to spend too much. I am still a frugal guy at heart! haha...;-p

Honestly, you have to get Blu Ray to fully enjoy your 46" plus the fact that your Series 7 is capable of 3D! 3D.. ooh... When I am finally retired from working life, I would splurge on all these things as I can imagine myself staying home a lot. :)

bummy said...


Your TV was beautiful and the blu ray movie stunning but the lasting impression was your statement 'Sometimes, I would just switch it on, watch for about ten minutes, switch it off and go to sleep, feeling happy' You are easily contented in life, that the beauty beyond your new TV/bluray. Congrats !

AK71 said...

Hi bummy,

I think you are right about me being contented in life now but I don't think I am easily contented. After all, I worked hard and smart for 15 years of my life to get to where I am today in order to be contented. Hahaha... OK, maybe, some would not even be contented now. So, I am more easily contented than some. ;p

After all, there are only so many decades in one's life and almost four decades are gone for me. I don't want to work till I'm 62. MM Lee says no retirement age for Singaporeans? For some, they might not have a choice. For those who have a choice, they might want to work forever (like MM) but that's not my choice. ;)

Thank you for the nice words. :)

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