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Charts in brief: 13 Aug 10 (Part 3).

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Noble: Looking at Noble's chart, the double top formation is quite obvious. If this is a valid formation, we could possibly see price declining to hit $1.20.  Top at $2.20, neckline at $1.70, target at $1.20.  A scary possibility? Price closed at $1.54, the low formed on 20 May.  Could this hold?  Well, the MFI just dipped into oversold territory.  RSI continues to sink in oversold territory.  OBV shows continuing distribution.  Price could enjoy a brief rebound and should meet with resistance at $1.64 in such an instance.

KGT: I am still interested in collecting some units of KGT.  However, the price refuses to fall below $1.10.  When I first blogged about KGT, it was at $1.06 and I said I would wait for $1.00.  Doesn't seem very probable now. However, I decided to sneak a peek at the charts. 

Well, not much to work on but notice that price has been trading below the 20dMA in recent sessions with a falling MACD. MFI has formed lower highs which suggests a falling demand. The RSI has likewise been falling suggesting increasing selling pressure over time. We could see KGT at under $1.10 again if this keeps up.  Good things come to those who wait?  Of course, if the counter goes CD soon, it could change everything.

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