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Tea with AK71: Philips Blu Ray.

Friday, August 6, 2010

On Sunday, I bought a Philips Blu Ray player for a good friend as a housewarming gift.  I got it from Courts near HDB Hub in Toa Payoh.  I bought it because it was such a good deal.  Listen to this: usually $299, it was going for $239!  Also, they threw in a free HDMI cable and 2 free Blu Ray titles! 

I got my Sony Blu Ray player just weeks ago at Best Denki in Vivo City for $299 and I had to pay $99 for a HDMI cable!  I also had to spend more money buying a few Blu Ray titles at MJ Multimedia to start me off.  Fortunately, MJ was having a GSS offer at $70 for two titles but it would still come to a total of $299 + $99 + $70 = S$ 468 to get the same deal as offered by Philips in Courts!  It's a $229 savings!

Now, here is the issue: the free Blu Ray titles must be collected from Philips HQ in Toa Payoh Lorong 1.  They were not available in Courts.  The posters in Courts showed Wolverine, UP and a couple of other titles.  The salespeople told me that my friend has to bring along the receipt and his IC to choose the titles of his choice.  I dutifully conveyed the message when I gave the player to my friend.  This was on Sunday.

This evening, my friend went to Philips HQ and they told him that only Night at the Museum 2 and UP are available. Initially, I thought that the other titles were fully redeemed.  My friend told me he was informed that only these two titles are available all along!!! This is a clear case of misrepresentation!!!  I am so upset but my friend took it quite well and told me not to be angry.  Grrr!!!

If anyone from Philips HQ in Singapore is reading this, you guys are lucky I was not with my friend when he went to collect the discs.  I would have given you guys a piece of my mind!!!


Anonymous said...

aiya i dont get angry over these anymore. but i will be hopping mad still if people are late. when i was building my home a lot of people got a earful from me for being late. like delivering my purchases even an hour late is not acceptable.

i forgot to mention, philips needed the serial number too. when i called they also confirmed that's all thats needed. when i got there they said they needed the serial number. thre is no way i am gonna head off empty handed. so i got my titles ,and i told them to call me the next day to get the serial number. they were quite obliging. maybe the guy who served me also answered my call earlier. bah!

- me

AK71 said...

Dear me,

Really, the serial number as well? I think either Philips and Courts do not communicate with each other very well or Courts has bad service but it was a good deal. So, can't complain ... too much.

Actually, I have always felt that Best Denki gives better service. My last two experience with Courts did not leave me with good impressions but I've always had pretty good experience with Best Denki.

I am glad you like the stunning visuals and sounds which Blu Ray produces. I'm addicted too. :)

Anonymous said...

i have had not much of a bad experience with best denki but they left out one of my tv remote controls. i called, they attended to it ,said will deliver, didnt, i called again and they havent had a clue about the case anymore. oh well. hang on. maybe it was best connection that i got the tvs from. there was this gold points thing which is redeemable for the next purchase

-- me

AK71 said...

Dear me,

Yes, Best DENKI has this rewards system. Nice. I like collecting reward points of any kind! Haha.. To queue for a $1 parking fee redemption, remember? ;p

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