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Healthway Medical: Up or down?

Friday, September 3, 2010

Price hit 16c on 31 Aug.  That was exactly on the rising 200dMA.  Today, the counter hit a high of 17.5c.  Technically, 17.5c is a formidable resistance level as it is a many times tested resistance and it is also where we find the declining 20dMA and the flat 100dMA.  Healthway Medical is at a critical crossroads, it would seem.

Looking at the 20dMA, there is no doubt that the counter is in a downtrend in the short term. With the 50dMA declining as well and the 100dMA flatlined, the short term picture is not encouraging.  However, the 200dMA is still rising and if it holds, Healthway Medical could just be going through a period of consolidation.

Today's upward movement in price is probably in response to the oversold situation as suggested by the RSI which has risen out of the oversold territory. The MFI, which has been rising since 18 Aug, signalling a return of demand, however weak, is testing the downtrend resistance.  If it breaks this in the next session, it would provide some much needed momentum to help push price higher.

The MACD, although still declining in negative territory, is seeing its distance with the signal line narrowing and we could be seeing the early stages of a bullish crossover. Remember, TA is about probabilities, not absolutes. Punters could make some nice gains here if everything pans out nicely.

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