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Marco Polo: BUY call by KIM ENG.

Monday, October 25, 2010

This could have happened in early October. A relative of mine bought some Marco Polo at 48c after reading a BUY call by Kim Eng with a target price of 60+c.  I cannot remember the exact target price now.  On hindsight, that was a high and price has been retreating since.

Although price closed at 43.5c today, the uptrend is still intact.  Connecting the lows of 2 June and 31 August makes this quite apparent. The MACD dipped into negative territory last week and together with the momentum oscillators, it paints a negative picture. The OBV shows massive distribution took place on 5 October and it has not shown any signs of sustained accumulation since.

What do we do if we want to go long here? We either wait for signs of a positive divergence or for price to test longer term MAs before entering.  The 100dMA is currently at 42.5c.

If we look at the weekly chart, we see that the rising 20wMA looks like it could form a golden cross with the 50wMA in another few weeks. The rising 100wMA is at 39.5c.  This MA has proven to be a strong support earlier this year in May/June. It is more reliable as a support than the 100dMA, therefore.  Based on the weekly chart, the longer term picture looks fairly good.

These observations are based purely on TA which is about probabilities. You have been cautioned. ;)


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