They chose financial independence over home ownership.

This is somewhat extreme but watch how this Canadian couple chose financial independence over home ownership.  They are in their 30s and,...

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Tea with AK71: Advertlets, owe money, pay money!

Friday, November 5, 2010

One way we bloggers get some income from blogging is through the selling of ad space in our blogs. Advertlets is an online advertising agency based in Malaysia which I signed up with in the early days of my blog. All their ads were metered which means that the higher my blog's traffic, the more they pay.  No clicking on ads required. 

I lost my Glitterati status (aka exclusive status) with Nuffnang, another online advertising agency, by signing up with Advertlets, thinking that it made more sense. The earnings from Advertlets grew quickly and even though I could cash out at every RM100, I chose to wait.  In March this year, I decided to cash out after reading some negative comments regarding Advertlets and how they did not pay.  I waited the requisite 45 to 60 days and did not get any payment.  So, I sent them a ticket (an online enquiry) but did not get any reply, confirming my fears. 

Date          Username Amount   Status

Mar-16-10 AK71        159.42     Unpaid

Removing all ad space for Advertlets, I recovered my Glitterati status with Nuffnang shortly.  Since then, Nuffnang has given me a few metered ads which usually run for 4 days to a week on top of the usual pay per click ads.  Nuffnang also got me to do an advertorial for a financial seminar by an Australian bank a few months ago. I have yet to cash out because every time I cash out, I have to pay a small fee.  Hearing very good things about Nuffnang from fellow bloggers makes me confident that Nuffnang would pay when I choose to cash out. Not worried.

Why did I wait so long before blogging about my negative experience with Advertlets? Honestly, I didn't think of blogging about it. Just another bad experience in life was how I thought of it. However, while chatting in LP's cbox a couple of days ago, I learned that other finance bloggers also didn't get paid by Advertlets! So, I am taking up LP's suggestion to blog about it and tell the world! We should not let Advertlets off so easily! Grrr! 

I found this very creative artwork on, another victim of Advertlets

Really apt! Owe money! Pay money! O$P$! Ok, ok, I shall stop here.


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