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Tea with AK71: Marina Link @ B1.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

My second day of vacation and I visited the new Marina Link @ B1. This is a relatively short underground link up between Marina Square and the Esplanade MRT station. I had to go down two very long escalators to get to the shops and on the other end is Esplanade Xchange, another underground mall.

To promote Marina Link @ B1, Marina Square is giving a $5 voucher for every $20 spent in the shops there. Good deal! If we spend another $30 in any shop in Marina Square (for a total of $50), we will get free parking for the first 3 hours (worth $4.40 on a weekday), limited to 100 redemptions a day. Needless to say, I got them all. ;)

See map here.

Here are some photos I took, of course, with my trusty Samsung mobile phone's 5.0 megapixel built in camera.

Escalator number 1.
 Escalator number 2.
 Part of Marina Link @ B1.
 This was where I had lunch.
$10.90 for Pork Cutlet and Ice Lemon Tea. Pork Cutlet was good but the mayo was too heavy. I am not usually crazy about Ice Lemon Tea but it was very good!
 Esplanade Xchange at the other end of Marina Link @ B1.
 Entrance to Marina Link @ B1 from Esplanade Xchange.
Had another one and a half hours to kill after lunch, shopping and all the redemptions. So, I went to Millenia Walk and looked the electronics and had a haircut at QB House for $10 before coming back home. Sunny day makes me drowsy. The stock market seems lethargic today too. Haha. :)


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