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Old Chang Kee: Filling not enough.

Friday, January 14, 2011

We do not have to be housewives shopping for the family to know that prices of foodstuff are going up. I like buying the occasional curry puff from Old Chang Kee and today I found out that the curry puff is S$1.30 each! I thought it was still S$1.20 each. Anyway, I had a craving. What to do?

Back in the office, I happily took a bite and I bit into a cavity! Looking into the curry puff, I found it half empty! Really, I am not kidding. I took photos of the errant curry puff:

I was somewhat unhappy and amused as well. The price went up and the amount of filling reduced at the same time! What a combination! Maybe, I should buy Old Chang Kee's shares? Perhaps, this experience is an important part of FA. ;-p


Kyith said...

you know i used to like long john silver's meal alot. they are cheap and nice (now i know not healthy)

they also suffer the same thing when the chicke and fish became so god damn small.

AK71 said...

Hi Drizzt,

You know I do not mind them charging more but please do not shrink the portions.

Any businessman should know that keeping a good thing unchanged is very important to keep customers coming back for more.

I still like the fish at Long John Silver's even though it is unhealthy. I leave most of the fries uneaten unless I am very hungry. ;)

Raelynn said...

dear AK,

it's like how our canned drinks are getting less content too.. it's no longer 330ml! with things progressing this way, i have a lot of drive to start learning to cook better and bake stuff.. much to the chagrin of my mom ^^"

AK71 said...

Hi Raelynn,

I think cooking our own food is a good thing. I cook oatmeal and porridge pretty often and enjoy eating at home. It's healthier and more economical too. :)

la papillion said...

Hi AK,

I had a rude shock when I had a bite was apparently 1.30 last year. The filling was normal, and not half filled though. But I did notice that there's a lot more chicken skin rather than meat, whereas in the past, it's just pure meat and no chicken skin.

Oh well, take it that Old Chang Kee is concerned about your health :)

AK71 said...

Hi LP,

Old Chang Kee is concerned about my health? Really? It seems that I have wronged them. ;)

I won't be surprised if the curry puffs cost $1.50 each by end of this year and the filling becomes purely potato. Now, that's healthier, probably. ;p

Raelynn said...

talking about purely potato curry puffs remind me that i have a favourite curry puff at east coast lagoon's food village!

but i think it too had to raise prices to duno $1.10 or $1.20 a puff

la papillion said...

Hi AK,

Oh, they should price it at $10 per piece so that you'll remove this sinful craving :) AND if you did buy, it's filled with nothing so that you'll NEVER buy again ;)

Nice of them :)

AK71 said...

Hi Raelynn,

Yes, I remember the Lagoon's curry puffs as I stayed in Telok Kurau and Joo Chiat for 8 years in my childhood days. My mom would drive us to Lagoon for dinner once or twice a week. :)

I remember it was 60c or 80c in those days. So, it has doubled in price? Of course, my memory might not be that reliable since it was more than 20 years ago. ;p

AK71 said...

Hi LP,

You are in a perverse mood, I see. ;)

Old Chang Kee would become Dead Chang Kee if you were to be their Business Development Manager. Hohoho.. ;p

Raelynn said...

Dear AK,

if it was 60cents, it's probably approx double the price, but if it was 80cents, i doubt it's currently 1.60 now..

for some very odd reason, you dont strike me as a 40+year old *in a good way*.

i wish i could visit lagoon more often! the beef noodle, satay bee hoon, curry puffs... maybe it's a good thing i dont stay so near the east side, easier on my tummy =X

AK71 said...

Hi Raelynn,

Curry puffs, being unhealthy snacks, and seeing how the prices are going up and up, I should, perhaps, avoid it from now. Of course, the operative word here is not "avoid" but "perhaps". Hahaha... ;)

I am 40 this year. Honest truth. Age is one thing that increases year after year without fail. :(

Singapore Man of Leisure said...

You people!

Lucky I'm coming home next Friday. All these talks about curry puffs makes me "buay da han".

I will go to Parkway Parade hawker centre to buy the curry puffs there. Hope they have not shrunk!

I remember when I was young, the "char shao bao" were big; but now they are bite or dim sum sized. 1 or 2 bites finished....

Food portion deflation? Maybe what La Papllion said is true - they are concerned about our health! So nice of them!

AK71 said...


Have a good flight home and enjoy the curry puffs! ;)

As for char siew baos, they are definitely smaller and more expensive these days. Tiong Bahru char siew baos are 80c each now. :(

Cl said...

With gst coming to 10% all things will be up, and target is 13%. :)

AK71 said...

Hi Cl,

Haha.. Yes, GST would make all things even more expensive. :)

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