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LMIR: 4Q FY2010 results.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I could take my last blog post on LMIR, substitute some numbers and that's the end of it. There is really nothing exciting or new to say about this REIT. It also continues to disappoint in its lacklustre distributable income. Let's give it a try. See changes in bold dark blue color:

Distributable income at $12.029 million. DPU at 1.11c is higher than the 1.09c in the last quarter. This represents a marginal increase of 1.8% over the previous quarter.

Unfortunately, the management lost $2.3m in foreign exchange forward contracts. Without these contracts, the distributable income would increase by 19.18%!

OK, that was easy. Some numbers:

Gearing: 10.3%
NAV/share: 83c
DPU for FY2010: 4.44c

It is interesting how the management left out the DPU for FY2009 in its presentation slides which was 5.04c and that happened on the back of much lower revenue of $85.758m. Gross revenue bumped up 50.9% in FY2010 and yet the DPU reduced by 12%. Am I missing something here? Great potential but a poor management? A rhetorical question, perhaps.

Borrowing the words of OCBC Research:
The manager attributed (the falling income distributions, year on year) to the appreciation in the IDR, which has caused the gap between the hedged rate on distributions and the physical rate to reverse unfavorably...

Still, it is a rather safe investment for anyone who is investing for income. This is its only redeeming quality.

Read announcements:
Unaudited financial statements.
Presentation slides.

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left_ray said...

LMIR continue disappoint me. It's really sick that with higher revenue, the management still could not give me higher dividend.

AK71 said...

Hi left_ray,

I am more unhappy with the 100% hedging that is being done. This is the 6th consecutive quarter of losses.

However, the income distribution remains reliable and relatively attractive. Its balance sheet remains strong. A very safe investment. So, I am not cutting it out of my portfolio.

As an aside, LMIR's weightage in my portfolio has moved down a notch to 4th place while First REIT has moved up to 3rd place. ;)

Anonymous said...

Would something like this happens for First REIT ? Also Indo-based assets leh.


AK71 said...

Hi SnOOpy168,

Nothing to do with whether the assets are Indonesian. It has to do with how the finances are managed. No such problem with First REIT. No worries. :)

Drizzt said...

i am not sure what is the difference but some time ago i asked First Reit's CFO about inflation and currency as well as leasing.

His reply is here >>

to cut the long story short, First REIT is paid in Singapore dollars by Lippo. So essentially Lippo is at the losing end.


AK71 said...

Hi Drizzt,

Yes, I remember reading your blog post on the topic. Thank you very much for sharing the link here. Much appreciated. :)

Anonymous said...

10Q Drizzt for the FR posting. Very reassuring & helpful.


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