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Tea with AK71: iPad 2.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

I have been sorely tempted by the iPad and I have been looking at the Samsung Galaxy Tablet.  I am so glad I did not buy either one because the iPad 2 is coming soon! Best of all, it would not cost more than the iPad. It would be at the same price! I can imagine many who are considering a tablet would now wait for the iPad 2. Bad news for shops selling the iPads... for now, anyway.

Jobs told those gathered for the unveiling the handheld computer is not only thinner than its predecessor, it is "dramatically faster."

"It has a new chip called A5," he said. "It's dual-core, so we get twice as fast performance on the CPU and nine times better graphic performance," the Times quoted Jobs as saying.

The new tablet is 33 percent thinner than the original iPad and weighs 1.3 pounds, down from 1.5 pounds, Jobs said.


CL said...

speaking of which i just got 1 from my company dnd on monday.decided to sell it but now it seems got to discount it 20%. :(

AK71 said...

Hi CL,

I think quite a few companies are giving away iPads as prizes. Even Ichiban Boshi, the Jap restaurant, is giving it away in a lucky draw.

If you give a 20% discount on your iPad, I am sure someone might still buy it now. Wait a while longer and you might have to sell it at half price.

Imagine the iPad2 is twice as fast and the graphics' nine times better... and at the same price as the iPad! ;)

Anonymous said...

dual core does not mean it is two times as fast lah... aiyooo...

AK71 said...

Hi Anonymous,

Aiyoh, I not so IT illiterate lah. The twice as fast claim is by Apple lor. Watch the video. :)

Could you include your name or initials in future comments? Thanks.

mark said...

iPad 1 price dropped liao. Apple said so. :P

AK71 said...

Hi Mark,

Really? If iPad price is dropped because of iPad 2, I might actually buy the iPad instead since I don't think I need a faster processor or graphics. ;p

Anonymous said...

As with anything that is technology based, wait a while longer and you have something more advanced at about the same price point. Then with this "new" version iPad2, wait another year and there is iPad3 (with phone call ability ?) and so on.

So... when you finger itch for it, is the right time to buy and enjoy it.

An Apple for me ? Nope. I would like to park that kind of cash for something else.

Have fun


AK71 said...

Hi SnOOpy168,

You know what? You are right! I think I will wait for the iPad 3. ;-p

Anonymous said...

Cut & pasted from my fb wall:

"Has figured out a way to resist the Ipad2... wait 11 months for the announcement of Ipad 3... And rumor has it that ipad 4 in 23 months is looking really slick! Best just wait for that."


Will the iPad be a collector's item ? In 50 years time, yes. That is if it still working and if I am still around to cash in & use it. Finally, an iPad for $1 as a paperweight. Huhauauauaa....


AK71 said...

Hi SnOOpy168,

OK, I changed my mind. I will wait for the iPad 3 and maybe the iPad 4. Then, I go find a pre-owned iPad selling cheap cheap! Haha.. ;p

Singapore Man of Leisure said...

Stop it you people..... Making my hands itchy too.....

I think it's time I upgrade from my notepad - the paper kind looks very legacy now....

AK71 said...


Haha.. I am still a pen and paper person. Whole stacks of A4 paper clipped and organised in a hard plastic folder. ;p

Kyith said...

i blog about mobile productivity at so i can relate to this.

the great offer now is definitely a refurbish 1G ipad.

the 16GB one cost SGD468!

AK71 said...

Hi Drizzt,

Thanks for sharing this! You are tempting me! ;p

I wonder if the price would drop to S$200 if I wait a bit more. Hmmm... ;)

Kyith said...

think one needs to be sensible here. what we normally fall into is a trap that we need it.

we spent 30 years of our lives without it. very much so we can do away with this.

AK71 said...

Hi Drizzt,

It is just like a smart phone. Until now, I am still using a dumb phone. I keep asking myself if I need a smart phone. Hmmm...

Kyith said...

hi AK, you probably need someone like me to educate the merits of this web2.0 or cloud computing world


AK71 said...

Hi Drizzt,

You know, I think you are probably right. I don't even know what is web2.0 and cloud computing. First time hearing these terms in my life!

One day, if I go into full time blogging, I would have to get serious about IT as I could be depending on it for a living!

kendra said...

Check out ipad 2 from every aspect

And also a video comparison of ipad and ipad2 in terms of speed

AK71 said...

Hi kendra,

Thanks for sharing the links. :)

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