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NOL and Golden Agriculture.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Today, my buy order for NOL at $1.80 was filled. NOL is in a persistent downtrend. Why am I buying more shares at $1.80 a piece? Well, it seems to me that a positive divergence is forming. As price broke the previous low formed on 5 May 2011, volume reduced comparatively. Sellers are less enthusiastic this time round.

The MACD histograms seem to be forming a higher low while the MACD has not turned up yet but could form a higher low too. A rebound could see a test of $1.88 as resistance in the near term. If it should happen, I would reduce my long position in the stock.

Today, my buy order for Golden Agriculture at 67c was also filled. This is at 1 bid higher than the support at 66.5c I identified in an earlier blog post. A hedge, nothing more. Why? Remember that I said we could be seeing the early stages of a head and shoulders formation when the price failed to form a higher high (that is higher than 73.5c)? I said that the neckline of that potential formation is at 65c. This case is still a possibility.

Of course, TA is about probability, not certainty, and we should make our moves accordingly. Today's white hammer formation is promising with price closing at 68.5c on relatively high volume. If price were to continue moving higher, immediate resistance is found at 70c. Closing above 70c could see 72c tested next.


Mick Brooks said...

I'm with you on NOL. Don't know whether you are familiar with Elder's Force Index, but it shows a similar result to the MACD histogram divergence for this latest drop, i.e. down move does not have much volume, much force.

AK71 said...

Hi Mick,

I have heard of Dr. Elder and the Force Index but I am not familiar with his techniques. I plan on reading his books one day.

Thanks for sharing. :)

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