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NOL: Reporting a loss.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

NOL reported that it has made a loss due to increasing fuel prices and too much new capacity entering the market. Marine bunker fuel averaged US$600.02 per metric ton in the first quarter in Singapore trading compared with US$469.19 a year earlier, according to data compiled by Bloomberg.

Will things improve for NOL?

“Too much new capacity has entered the market this year,” said Jee Heon Seok, an analyst at NH Investment & Securities Co. in Seoul. “It should get better as we go into the peak season in the third quarter and fewer new ships enter service.” Source: The Edge.

Oil prices have come off their highs and are now under US$100 a barrel. Supply worries have eased. The spike in oil prices was probably due to speculative activities rather than a real increase in demand. As circumstances surrounding the supply of crude oil turn benign once more, it would benefit NOL and other transport companies, everything else remaining equal.

Technically, NOL's chart is spotting a positive divergence. There is a higher low on the MACD as price spotted a lower low. Volume has also reduced significantly over the last five sessions as price hugged the 20dMA for support.

I believe that there could be a knee jerk reaction to the news and we could see price decline to cover the gap at $1.86. Any further decline in price and we want to see support at $1.80 holding up.  If it does hold up, it might be a good opportunity to buy some.

Now, we know that Mr. Market has a perverse streak. Could not the price move up instead? Yes, why not? And the reason would be that things are not as bad as analysts had feared. I'm just guessing, of course. Then, expect immediate resistance in a band between $1.92 and $1.93, after which, there is the declining 50dMA at $1.95.


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