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Tea with AK71: Korean noodles for lunch.

Friday, May 20, 2011

I had Korean noodles for lunch. No, I did not go to some fancy Korean restaurant nor did I go to a food court. I cooked the noodles myself in my office. Yes, you guessed it. Instant cup noodles! Well, in this case, it would be more accurate if we call it instant bowl noodles because it came in a big bowl! Oh, fork included too.

I have seen these noodles before and they are usually quite pricey. Yesterday, while shopping at NTUC Fairprice, I saw it under the "Must Buy" section and they were sold at $2.95 for three bowls! That is less than a dollar per bowl! Irresistible and I finally got to find out why so many people I know like it so much.

Chopsticks not included. I always have spare disposable chopsticks at work as I would take an extra pair each time I make purchases at the food centres. They come in useful in times like this, I dare say.

The noodles were cooked in five minutes. The spicy aroma was really mouth watering.

The noodles are thicker than the usual Myojo or Maggi variety. The soup base was full bodied and spicy. Not for anyone who would find hot food a challenge though. One bowl of noodles and I was really full. A tasty and value for money lunch!


Singapore Man of Leisure said...

Ha Ha! I am fan of instant noodles!

I've tried mainland china, taiwan, japan, korean, and indonesian ones.

But the kind I like best are the singapore/malaysia ones - maggi mee and myojo.

I guess it's because I grew up with them ;)

AK71 said...


I was wondering if you would be commenting on this blog post. Haha.. You did not disappoint. ;)

I am trying to cut down on instant noodles. I know they are not very healthy and all but they just keep coming up with new stuff! Have you tried Myojo's instant meepok dry? Slurp!

Kyith said...

I like myojo's ramee and med ok series. Spicy and nice but I dun eat them now as they are likely the most unhealthy thing in the world

Singapore Man of Leisure said...

My family always warn me about eating too much maggi mee....

But each time I come back to Singapore, my luggage will be full of them. Athens have the mainland and korean types - but somehow not the same. They are my backups ;)

Just now chatting in cbox I very shame... 6.5 years working overseas, I only know how to heat up can food :(

AK71 said...

Hi Drizzt,

You really watch what you eat but I guess eating "junk" food once in a while is OK, right? The little pleasures in life. ;p

AK71 said...


Haha.. There is nothing to be ashamed of. Cooking is not everyone's cup of tea. ;)

Personally, I would cook stuff which does not involve oil as I really hate the cleaning up after. Anyway, it is probably healthier too just boiling things in water. Oatmeal, anyone? ;p

Basset Training said...

The very first korean noodles I bought was the Shin Ramyun Noodle Soup. I was really curious to try this one out. Lucky me I found your blog. Thanks for sharing. I'll definitely make one for our Korean Night. Korean Noodles and Korean TV - a healthy dose of Korean Idols like GDragon and TOP! :)

AK71 said...

Hi Basset,

If I am not mistaken, NTUC Fairprice could be having a sale on this right now. 3 bowls for $2.95, iirc. Enjoy. :)

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