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My diet and dietary supplements.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

I have blogged about some low cost meals which I could get outside as well as some which I cook at home. Some readers wonder if I eat like that all the time and some wonder if I could suffer from nutritional problems. I guess readers would only know as much as I reveal in my blog and, often, the picture is incomplete.

The answer is "no". I do not eat like that all the time. I enjoy a good dinner once or, sometimes, twice a week. I like stir fried venison with spring onions and ginger as well as stir fried small kailan (no garlic please). Complete with a bowl of steamed Thai fragrant rice would make me really happy. An occasional bowl of soup is good too.

I also make sure I have an orange or apple or both in the evenings. Sometimes, I would buy strawberries, the long stem type if they are available on special offers. What about junk food? I have a weakness for chocolates, potato chips, perserved mangos and ice cream. See a more complete picture now? Yes, I am likely to have all the illnesses of a typical modern civilised man.

Now, for many years, I have also been taking dietary supplements. Just in case I am not taking in a balanced diet, I take a good multivitamin daily. I also take Omega 3 which I understand is good for the heart but I take it more to balance up with the Omega 6 that I am sure is abundant in my diet. I also take glucosamine for my bad knee as well as a higher dose of Vitamin C to deal with stress.

My diet is not perfect, for sure, but I think it's OK. What I would need to do more of is physical exercise. I get a lot of mental exercise but not enough physical exercise. I know this is bad and I really should do something about it. OK, time to double highlight this in my "to do" list! Confirm and double confirm!

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ivan said...

You take glucosamine orally? I used to too till I saw a video that said ingested glucosamine is not able to reach your joints, while an externally applied cream of nano-size is more effective.

AK71 said...

Hi Ivan,

I have heard that before. My aunt also told me that caplets don't work as well as powder when ingested. Anyway, I have been taking caplets for years now and they work for me. So, I will stick to it. Thanks. :)

financialray said...


don't think Vit C can relieve stress but even if it does, it comes naturally and with added fibre from fruits.
try exercising more, it beats taking multivitamins....and its free of side effects plus FOC
if anything Singaporeans over consume rather than suffer from malnutrition.
after regular exercise is attained, stop that glucosamine.
It maybe the kilos that were piling on earlier that was making the knees complain.

mark said...

How bout usana?

AK71 said...

Hi financialray,

Stress destroys vitamin c which we take in very much in the same way smoking and alcohol intake do. So, taking more vitamin c is to make sure my body gets enough of it.

As for my bad knee, it is bad becuase of excessive running in my younger days, not because of being overweight. Of course, the inability to run anymore is now causing me to be overweight.

Yes, I will pick up some form of exercise that will not place too much load on my bad knee. All in good time. :)

AK71 said...

Hi Mark,

Usana? Not familiar with that brand. You like it?

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