Do online contribution to Medisave and get $88 Ang Bao.

"For those under 65, the Basic Healthcare Sum next year will be S$54,500, up from S$52,000 previously, the authorities said." Sou...

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financialray said...

Ha ha

Fast food is ok once in a while...
Don't forget to invest in your health...
Get your cholesterol checked if u are on regular fast food...
Invest in your health, that is something that is often forgotten and will usually be the cause of the final financial bomb

AK71 said...

Hi financialray,

Very good advice. :)

I think my health is not good. I know. ;)

financialray said...

Hi AK71,

Why do u say that?

U are a prudent financial planner.
So I am surprised to hear u say that.
After all, the Chinese always say good physical health is the best form of wealth.

AK71 said...

Hi financialray,

Certain things are genetically determined. So, certain conditions, we have since birth. Can't be helped. :(

financialray said...

Hi AK 71

Sorry to hear that.
Even if life dealt you a lousy hand of cards, fight on to win the game and success will be all the more sweeter.

Take care

AK71 said...

Hi financialray,

Thank you for your encouragement. :)

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